A string of gruesome accidents on the busy streets of downtown Chicago would result in total panic. But Max Keane feels nothing. He’s seen it coming, and he’s high on morphine.

Unable to explain his visions, Max tries desperately to seek professional help. He must find his answers while trying to keep his sanity in front of his reporter girlfriend, while evading a trigger happy cop close on his heels.

Stranger even is his attraction toward the mysterious woman; the woman who appears in his visions, visions that guarantee certain death. And someone he knows is next.

His quest for answers pushes him over the edge. The edge of his own mortality.

Who I Am

I, Mihir Kamat, am the first time author of “At First Sight”. Though not really new to writing, being an avid blogger who dabbles in fiction, poetry and song writing. I currently reside in the USA.

My first tryst with writing began in 2005 when I discovered a friend’s weblog (now blog), and fell in love with the concept of writing my innermost thoughts and the new found joy of being read. I added poetry and song writing to his arsenal as thousands of readers kept on flocking in.

Work on my first book, At First Sight, began in late 2013 as a collection of short stories I’d written over the years. These stories were close to my heart and deserved to be compiled together for the world to read. I ended up self publishing because of it’s niche purpose. The book sold over a hundred copies in 2 months and generated multiple 5 star reviews on GoodReads. It was a personal achievement that validated my dream of being a writer.

I love reading a good mystery or thriller novel, and cooking on weekends. I own and have read over a hundred books and can get hooked to a good book instantly.

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