Chapter 4 is in the books. Or book. This book. Everything is flowing nicely, and those of you who have reached out to give feedback seem to have only good things to say so far, so I couldn’t be happier with the way things are turning out.

I did a little reshuffling of the first chapter, moving the bit about Hilfred finding the Artefact missing to the beginning and making it a prologue as it seemed to be a better fit, but let me know what you think. As always, I encourage any feedback (anything to make the novel as good as it can be) so if you have thoughts on the story so far, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the story page or send me a message. Don’t worry so much about pointing out technical errors (spelling mistakes and whatnot)—this is still the first draft, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to catch that kind of thing before the end.

And, once again, please share with anyone you think might be interested. You’re all fabulous.


Hey! Chapter three is more or less complete. The words have been flying out the last few days. And with every paragraph I write, the vague concept I had in my head is becoming more complete. I’ve reached that wonderful stage of the writing process where it feels like the characters are making their own decisions, and no longer need me to guide them.

If you have any feedback on what’s there so far, please comment on the story and leave any and all criticism you like. It’s all appreciated. And if you’re not following the story, please do. The interest in a given story is a huge part of what Inkshares uses to determine which stories to publish. Tell friends. Tell family. Tell strangers on the Internet.

I am.

So after a bit of a stall, this book is a-go. One of the main reasons I decided to try Inkshares was for the potential feedback during the writing process, so obviously the more eyeballs the better. I am HUGELY grateful for your interest in this, and I would be even more grateful if you could share with anyone you think might like this kind of story (and be inclined to sign up to Inkshares and follow if they’re not already).

The immediate plan for this novel is to beat out the first draft at no less than a chapter a week. If you followed this story when I first posted it, you might notice we have a second chapter now.

Thanks again!