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A Brief History:

A long time ago in a time before man, dragons were the protectors of the earth. For decades they watched over the land, sea, and sky; protecting all species which inhabited their planet and vanquished all enemies that threatened it. For generations, they thrived and as the bones of the old withered to become one with the earth, their offspring lived to fly the skies in their stead, continuing on the ancient traditions and the ways of their kind.

As time went on the dragons began to see a new species that was evolving and surpassing all others in intellectual strength. At first, they were wary of these Homosapien’s who were fast becoming skilled in the making of tools and storing food. The Elder Dragon, Eldri Hali á Vindinn, took hesitant steps in approaching them; fearing they would threaten their way of life. Others objected and decided to advance this species intellect. When they first came in contact with the dragons, the humans worshiped them as gods. The dragons then bestowed upon them the first of many gifts, the gift of the flame. So was the start of a long and difficult journey between the humans and dragons.

As time went on, more species began to prove their potential to the dragons. The dolphins of the sea soon became the watchers of the oceans, aiding the dragons for promises of prosperity in exchange for protection. The apes became the voice of the forests, while the dragons remained their eyes and ears. All throughout the ages, the dragons relied on their peaceful partnerships with the creatures who shared the earth, but the humans were soon becoming a species that did not trust the words of a dragon.

The first rebellions began during the age of King Geredor, an arrogant bloodthirsty man who’s lust for power consumed every inch of his soul. He raised an army which swept across the land like a plague. After he had slain Froða á Sjó, Lord of the dragon kingdom of Vatni, the dragons of the earth had no choice but to dispose of this new threat. They began to extinguish the human race so they could never again reek havoc on the earth. As the final rally cry drew breath and the armies of both men and beast came swooping down upon one another, there was but one small voice that had the courage to stand against this destructive hate. Lady Marin took a stand against the battling foes, giving her life for the sake of peace. This act of courage and sacrifice broke the binds of treachery laid down by the poisons of King Geredor. Order was soon restored between the realms of both man and dragon.

Peace soon took hold across the kingdoms. The bond between human and dragon had become so strong that the two created a new eternal bond that would last for centuries. Drekkin, born from the body of a woman and the fire of dragons, became the peacekeepers between the two species. Born only male, they devoted their lives to The Lady Marin by protecting the lands of their kin. They were the dragon-born, strong, loyal and courageous.

But now the fate of the earth’s protectors is threatened. Dragons have once again returned to their savage ways. Man, reacting to the treat, raised up arms against their adversary. The Great King Frederik saw this as an opportunity to become the dominant species on the earth. Dragons and their drekkin sons, who were now seen as dangerous abominations, were hunted down and slaughtered. All hope for the dragon realm seemed lost. It was not until the death of the elder dragon, Eldri Reyk Frá Austri, that a prophecy was foretold;

When a Drekkin child is born in female form, the reign of destruction will end and Drekar will once again reclaim their rightful place as the guardians of the mother Earth.”

Decades have turned since this prophecy was foretold and many of the dragon lords have concluded the prophecy as a farce; the mindless ramblings of a dying elder. But not all hope is lost. Few still wait for their savior to come forth and for the world of men to fall. The dragons must once again claim their place amongst the creatures of the earth or nothing but shadow will remain for them.



Welcome to the first installment of my series! I’ve been working on this series for a number of years now and am finally ready to get it off the ground! I’ve completed the first draft and am in the process of proofreading, but it still needs a lot of work. Any input would be helpful. I will try to upload random chapters as often as possible to keep interests high.
I am really hopeful and look forward to gaining followers and feedback from my fellow authors and readers! Thanks so much for your time and happy reading!

-M. Lynn



Hey, readers! I’ve been adding a chapter each day in random order. There is a huge part of my book that I decided to change so I am weeding out the things that need to be corrected chapter by chapter. I hope you are enjoying what you are reading so far! Keep a look out for more chapters and an introduction to characters video (most likely coming in the next month or two).

Thanks for stopping by!

~M. Lynn