The Dragon’s Eye is the first in a series set on Aelos. The inspiration came in my youth as an imagining of the spiritual basis of the world’s belief and magic system. As a survivor of abuse, writing this book meant a lot to me in terms of working through how to accept and embrace my own power.

Riana Fraely is the subject of abuse and bullying. But, whenever she tries to fight back the power inside of her lashes out violently. Horrified by her ability, she spends the better part of her youth keeping a lid on it. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, and danger finds its way to her doorstep, she is pushed into defending herself and into the discovery that she’s not the only youth on Aeolos fighting for her life in the shadows of secrecy.

Uncovering this truth leads to another, much bigger truth: the identity of the man behind the intolerance of elemental power. She’s just a teenager. Standing up against the man that is snuffing out elemental magic is way beyond her. Or is it?

This is a complete novel. It’s been revised six-ish times. I plan for the series to be a minimum of five books. My husband likes to say this book is Anne of Green Gables meets The Lord of the Rings meets Avatar, the Last Air Bender. And it’s LOADED with elemental creatures.

Art by Rob Carlos