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Mara Dullahan has a reputation. And a secret that could rock Heaven and Hell.

Smart-mouthed and irreverent, Mara has a knack for sniffing out corrupt souls. Her fellow devils resent her success, and some suspect Mara isn’t what she seems—after all, no one in Hell has ever seen her wings.

After a long day at the office, Mara has a few drinks and crosses paths with Duncan DeMarco, a handsome angel stuck in a dead-end job with a boss he can’t stand. Duncan is exactly the kind of trouble Mara doesn’t need but can’t resist. They embark on a passionate, illicit love affair, knowing that it will likely mean their careers—and quite possibly their very existence—if they’re found out.

When Mara’s biggest rival in Hell’s Sales & Acquisitions Department uncovers her secret—and her feelings for Duncan. Their confrontation spins wildly out of control with dire consequences. Mara tries to cover her tracks, but sniffing out dark secrets is what the denizens of Hell do best.

Backed into a corner, Mara must choose: Do nothing, and watch Duncan pay the ultimate price for her… or reveal all her secrets, and watch all Hell break loose.

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