Daniel Poort
One of the most interesting premises I've seen on Inkshares. I highly recommend this book.
G. A. Finocchiaro
In most novels, tone is everything, and this author utilizes tone expertly to dive into darker (yet, still comedic at times) themes, while making us feel entertained.
Laura Chalupa
This really kept my attention.
Ryne Drogemuller
A brilliantly original premise, should be higher on the fantasy contest.
Michael Haase
Ok. This is amazingly original and intriguing. Just read through the premise and try not to squirm a little. The reality of our actions paving our future after death has never been so descriptive and cool. I LOVE this idea!
Reader Writer
I can't wait to see how this plays out! Any chance I could be a beta reader just so I can enter the world a little sooner?
Chrissy Cook
An interesting premise with a strongly-voiced protagonist - should be interesting!
Ethan Motter
Interesting premise. I would like to see a few more chapters before I make a decision to pre-order.
Y. E. Katerina
A strong and captivating premise, hooked me from the moment I read the opening. I cannot wait to see where this one goes.
David Petrie
The hardest thing about writing a supernatural being, is finding away to connect something that is beyond human to the reader. But Sara finds a way to make it work. She gives Oz a feeling of life and complexity that's rare in that type of character. He has feelings and regrets just like anyone else. But the important thing is that those things are not all consuming to the point where they define him. By keeping these details more subtle, he stays identifiable to the reader. It's a balancing act that sometimes goes wrong. That's how you end up with overly dramatic vampires and other such creatures. It's nice to see something different.