Black Hearts. Black Humor. Black Hats.

The Catalonian Legion marches against a decrepit fortress. The scattered remnants of enemy forces who form its garrison rely on the wiles of a half-mad mercenary and his company of treacherous brutes for salvation. Greed. Glory. Guts. At Kepretos, everything that can go wrong just might.

No victory is assured. All will count themselves among The Defeated.
The first novella in Something Like A Hero.

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The inspirations for this story vary from old Errol Flynn movies, innumerable fantasy novels and histories, to Jonathan Swift and Voltaire. My hope was to address serious topics that affect the very real world, place characters that feel very real in their midst, and spin it all with irreverent humor in a very fake setting. After all, sometimes the most serious of issues are regarded with such austere sanctity that they bubble with pomp, and those bubbles merit a witty barb or two to pop them.

In Something Like a Hero, you’ll follow characters trudging through a labyrinthian world of political turmoil, war, and unscrupulous business. A cunning Imperial Agent who yearns to be respected for her competence and not overlooked because of her sex or low birth. An amiable aristocrat taken to the Legion to pay off his family’s mountainous debts. A vain swordsman who, in his obsession with writing his own legend may be in danger of becoming a good man.

A tale of swashbuckling adventure told in parts. A battle where everything that can go wrong just might. A rebellion with questionable intention and direction. An election marked by bribery and underhanded dealings. And of course, at least one floppy black hat.

Joseph G. Calcagno is a fantasy author who hails from green mountains and learned from a wizard in his youth. He loves the wilderness, swordplay, his wife, and his dogs. With a degree in Anthropology, a background of service in the United States Army, a passion for history, and a healthy supply of gallows humor, he enjoys few things more than sculpting worlds and making biting commentary on their inevitable corruption and the lunacy of their wars.