What more can I say than that I obviously have a dark sense of humor and do enjoy a good zombie tale, especially when it can veer from the norm of other zombie stories or movies. Can you imagine what it would be like if you became a zombie? I know, it’s one of those burning questions that everyone secretly thinks about.

In Rob’s case, he’s living in an old husk of a body, trapped to do the bidding of his hunger like an unwilling host to the horrors he must inflict on humans. There will be many times that he may not want to feast on someone, but the hunger is a constant pain that runs throughout his whole body and the only way to sate it is to eat people.

Brains are Rob’s favorite because it quiets the hunger and restores his body to a more agile and speedier zombie state. Rob has no control of when his hunger decides to make him feed. What a way to live?

I hope you enjoy Rob’s tale as much as he loves brain so cheers and enjoy!