This novel started out as the fantasy campaign I was running in AD&D, but as we got older, we played less and less. I wanted to flush out the world more and finally tell the story of why things were the way the were. The world is also me liking to mix my genres and so this novel and the follow ups are intended to explain why there are some sci-fi stuff in an otherwise fantasy world. So it wonders into cosmos and mythology and all that too, eventually anyway (buy my book so I can write more).

Goblins have always been one of my favorite races in fantasy literature, so I figured I’d tell the story from their point of view, because culturally and development wise they are unique in the universe. (You’ll see. Buy my book)

This novel, the first in the series in basically done and the second one is around 80% done, but I am open to suggestions on the development of characters and such. And if you see a logical error in the story or the character’s reasoning let me know. After all, what seems clear in my head might not be so clear to others.