The first in a trilogy, this book unveils a secret society that fights to protect our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.

Delilah Volaro is the introspective and often conflicted heroine of "The Deacon." A twenty-two year old student at Flagler College, Delilah is both intelligent and beautiful- she just doesn’t realize it. At the onset, it seems Delilah’s biggest problem is getting her feminist best friend, Katalina Adams, to accept her choice in men. Delilah’s boyfriend, Quintin Castille, is a modern day knight in shining armor. Good-looking and fabulously wealthy, Quintin is also a gentleman. Delilah adores Quintin’s sense of chivalry, while Lina considers him old-fashioned, suffocating and ill suited for Delilah.

Stuck between her boyfriend and her best friend, Delilah is also plagued by a nightly dream. In this dream, Delilah soars above Matanzas Bay as a mysterious stranger watches on from afar. When this mysterious stranger- a man named Bryce Dekker- turns up during Delilah’s Creative Writing presentation at Flagler College, she begins to uncover secrets that will change her life forever. Through Bryce, Delilah discovers a secret organization that operates from tunnels below the city. Called “Deacons,” these people are a race of their own- a genetically superior brand of human. They possess a variety of abilities, ranging from teleportation to mind manipulation and healing. Utilizing their unique skill set, Deacons strive to protect a sacred treasure: The Aitalus, a modern-day Fountain of Youth.

Playing off the historically rich setting of St Augustine, this novel depicts Delilah’s whirlwind transformation. Forced to confront a destiny she never could have anticipated and a love she never could have imagined, "The Deacon" is first and foremost a story of self-discovery. Delilah comes to realize she isn’t ordinary at all. As the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine possesses equal parts charm and mystery. With crumbling alleyways and sparkling waters, the city is a seductress- any visitor can vouch for its allure, which makes it the perfect setting for a fantasy novel.