I gave it that particular title, because the story deals with the crushing feeling of guilt. The one who caused the earth to stop spinning doesn’t really understand how he did it. He knows that he did, because everything appears "on hold", and while he knows there is a consequence for this, not only the colossal effects on the planet itself, but the price he himself has to pay, which is to be hunted down by a particular force that does who-knows-what with their captives, he can’t help but try to escape his fate.

He finds himself in this predicament with the help of his strange friends. He knows they aren’t from earth, but their renegade lifestyles opened the universe to him. So, he was bound to fall into some hidden part of his own world that he wasn’t meant to see.

And, while he feels guilty, his friends are capable of many things, which makes him think he has a chance at getting out of this situation by a means other than the one fate that seems to be his only option.

There is a being who is drawn to imbalance and seeks to bring balance back. This involves removing the guilty party from the equation.

But not all creatures of the galaxy agree with this being and seek to intervene on behalf of the guilty party.

This story starts off quiet, because the earth itself is quiet. Each character perspective is like a very small point in the whole wide world, yet they might as well be the only things happening in existence. Eventually, though, all these isolated incidents converge to seal the fate of this quiet planet, their actions echoing off every surface in every corner, known or unknown.

And the most curious aspect of all this is: no one but these few know anything is happening.

During all this, a regular couple is granted a moment to literally have everything to themselves and entertain the possible freedoms they might have....or discover how delusional such a freedom really is. After all, what is a world without limitations?