This is the story of an ancient evil that’s released in a small town, an evil with the capacity to destroy the world. The only person who might be able to stop it is a local sheriff with two kids in tow.

All good stories are grounded in the simple human struggles we all face. Fundamentally this is the tale of a man going up against impossible odds to save his family and the woman he loves. But be warned that this is a very intense narrative. It isn’t a slowly building tale that is all about atmosphere. Instead, it is a rollercoaster ride through hell and back that will have you holding on for dear life as you quickly turn the pages. If that’s your kind of horror then this story is for you.

NOTE: The author is not responsible for any sleep lost due to bad dreams or because you can’t put this book down. Heart palpitations may occur. If so then set the book aside for a few moments. If you find that you are unable to stop reading then you’ll just have to ride it out.


This book has a very interesting backstory. I was disillusioned in college and dropped out to write a novel. It took me years to finish and then I sent it off to a publisher. A month later Stephen King released a book that stepped all over the premise. King of course was and is the big dog in the horror field so there was no way the book was going to get published. It was one of the biggest blows of my life. It stopped me writing for a very long time. I put it in a drawer for 20 years. I spent a lot of time working in film but writing prose has always been my first love. So I got the book out one day and reread it. It was still really good. I did a few rewrites and now here it is - better than ever.

I hope you will support The Dark Age. It’s had a long, arduous journey and deserves the opportunity for an audience to see it.

Plus it’s a really great book!

NOTE TO REVIEWERS: This book is completed.