What the Dark Knows - A new co-written Horror project

 Hi All,

I am writing to you, not with an update of The Cry of Shadows but instead to let you know of a new co-written project I am working on.  What The Dark Knows.

Since joining the Townsville Speculative Fiction writers group I have been fortunate enough to meet a number of talented writers, and finally to have another horror writer to bounce ideas off, Kate Grenenger, my Sister of Darkness. J We decided to team up and write an anthology together but it developed into something much more… What The Dark Knows - https://www.inkshares.com/books/what-the-dark-knows

In the last hours of Saturday night here in North Queensland Australia, Kate and I finally flicked the switch and put our newest little horror project into Pre-Order mode. This is the first time either Kate or I have done anything like this so we are both excited and scared (and that’s a big call as we both write horror). With that being said, I wanted to take the time to reach out to you, my followers, not to beg you to pre-order our book (though if you did pre-order that would be Awesome) but instead to tell you a little about us and how this little adventure we are on here with What The Dark Knows all began.

Kate and I both are North Queensland based Horror writers and members of the Townsville Speculative Fiction writers group (Shout out to all the TSF followers by the way). As the only two horror writers in the group, we have often bounced ideas off each other for our own projects until this one fateful evening when we started into a deep discussion revolving around Asylums and the things that the walls would have seen. the ideas bounced back and forwards and suddenly we had two characters and idea for a plot. 

It was there in the foyer while on the way out did the penny drop for us (and the reason why What The Dark Knows is different to a majority co-written tales) why don’t Kate and I each take one of the two characters and tell the event from the character’s own point of view. We would write scene after scene, flipping back and forward between the characters. Some scenes would be joined, others from their own solo experiences within the Asylum’s confines. One scene would be written then passed to the other author to write the next. Each discovering the events as they unfolded. And so What The Dark Knows was born.

Now we are entered into the Inkshares Crypt TV comp. This an exciting adventure for us both and one that we wouldn’t have even thought to enter without having you as followers. As I am writing this update, What The Dark Knows is currently sitting at 7th on the leader board which given how early it is has blown us both away.  I am asking you to please take the time to read what has been posted, if you like where it is going, review it, spread the word, recommend it, share it, tweet it, post about it, whatever you want, anything to help get this story out into the vast and chaotic cyberspace. If you do, you will have the thanks of two grateful authors, if not, well we are horror writers so we can think of a number of ways to dispose of you (just kidding... maybe)

For now, we are pleased to introduce you to Clara, a young woman with a bloody and horrific past but can it all be real? Within these walls, the truth will raise its blood-stained head.

Thank-you for following me personally and my projects. I hope that you will also extend that to our newest project, you won’t be disappointed.

All the Best

 Michael Huddlestone