I highly recommend this read! It is amazingly written and the imagery is insanely good. You won't be disapointed! I'm excited to see where this goes!
Christopher Huang
Samantha Peterson is one savvy, tough-minded lady. Faced with the sound of gunfire where there plainly isn't any, every time she passes a war memorial, she simply accepts it as part of the soundtrack of her life and gets on with it. Even so, Huddlestone layers on a few cat scares before escalating the story--effectively and seamlessly providing some necessary exposition in the process. Given Samantha's level-headedness before, one wonders if she will break very suddenly, or if she will approach this new situation as someone who knows exactly how this sort of thing works. I'm hoping for the latter. I think anyone who's ever screamed at the idiocy of a horror movie character will find Samantha Peterson a breath of fresh air.