Reader Writer
Highly recommended read for all sci- fi lovers
Bookish Bloke
This looks really promising! Can't wait for this take on the subject - we can never have enough robots :)
Reader Writer
Robots in bigger robots!
Gary Johnson
The concept of this project is worthy of support
Tachyon Xavier
Save the humans!!!
Raven Stane
Check out this book!
Joseph Asphahani
The Cora Chronicles has everything you might expect from futuristic sci-fi: cyborgs, spaceships, monsters, and more - but the talented Greg Chen has put a sleek and razor-sharp edge on every image and scene on the page that makes this book truly one of a kind. This is not typical sci-fi, it's something more, as much as Cora is something more than human. Yet despite all her advanced training and upgrades, her story still struggles to answer some very basic human questions. I cannot wait to find them alongside her.
Reader Writer
Fascinating and well worth the read!
Mag Chang
Cool sci-fi with robots! Check it out!
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
As a lover of technological innovation, I love conceptualizing where our technology might take us and where our path and the path of innovation might converge. Thus, I am always intrigued by works that ponder this question, this idea of the next evolution of species. Greg Chen here, in Cora Chronicles, presents an immediate and tangible connection to this reality, not just infusing a manuscript with ideas but grounding this in a very humanizing relationship to Cora, who although she is of the new race of machine, is very much human. I'm intrigued by the world and reality Chen creates not just because of its profound echoes about what our future might be, but because he has ingeniously grounded these questions within machine itself and opens up one of my favorite science fiction questions: what does it mean for machine to be human, and what is the future of machine as the new human?