I’m Jen Schiller, an internet junky with an analog itch, a nerd with a penchant for writing, a guitar hero, and a Pokemon master. My parents are very proud.
I’m a staff writer at monkeysfightingrobots.com and owner of TheEmpireStrikesForward. Five time NaNoWriMo winner (that’s where the first draft for Starbuck came from) and determined editor. But enough about me. Read my book.

The Continuing Adventures of Starbuck McLaw mixes my begrudging nostalgia with a simple question: Why haven’t mummies made it into the "sexy supernatural creatures" camp? Perhaps this book shows you why--or why not. I’ll never tell.

This book will appeal to you if you’re into Douglas Adams, kids with an over-developed sense of adventure, and high school radio programming. It will not appeal to you if you harbor any ambitions of becoming a vaguely evil scientist with generalized plans to conquer things. I’ll stop explaining and let you get right to it.