Chapter 0: Prologue

The roar of a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T filled the silence of the side roads in the outskirts of Irenia, as the sun rose between the mountains, signaling the arrival of the morning.

"Good morning, Sphericans! It is now 6:32 AM in the 25th day of Mars, the streets are starting to come alive as people get ready for today’s work!"

Ryoshi Airisu didn’t pay attention to the radio, probably because he was annoyed by the announcer, but kept it turned on anyways, as he kept driving in the outskirts of Irenia in his black Charger.

He wanted to get away from Irenia, to avoid the usual morning traffic that plagues that city’s streets, and it tends to stay that way for 4 hours or more, "*yawn* Ryoshi?", someone in the back seat had been awoken by the