Happy Monday to you all! I’d like to start as always with a warm, heart-felt, marshmallow-scented thank you to my lovely followers and readers. (And this is why one should not begin with flowery kindness - the only way to express greater and greater gratitude is to verge on the ridiculous).

I would like also to issue a quick apology - due to a mad workload last week and a wonderful excursion to the mountains this weekend to bond with my father, I am very late on delivering content! Rest assured, this will be my chiefest focus for the next 24-48 hours (except, of course, for puppy and day-job related concerns). Chapter Three is growing and morphing with each edit and reevaluation, and I am putting finishing touches on the 30-reader reward that was promised! I have also considered your responses to my earlier plee for feedback and am working on creating new and intriguing future content as well... 

I expect and hope that my next transmission into the ether will be to announce both the next chapter and the bonus content having been posted, and I intend that it should not be very long until this is declared!

In the meantime, I must ask you all for a favour. Please spread the word about the City Will Fall here on Inkshares and abroad in the world. If you use Facebook, please check out the book’s Page - like and share it amongst your vast networks. I will be primarily using the Facebook page to host future content relating to the book as I go, so as not to deluge this site overmuch. 

(Side note: Isn’t it grand to use pretentious, overly decorative language every now and again? It’s super awesome fun times.)

Thanks again, and you will hear from me soon!

Kim Whale

Hello again! 

"The City Will Fall" has surpassed the 30 reader mark! My thanks to everyone for all of your support. It means a lot to me - this project has renewed so much of my self-confidence, particularly due to those who have backed me, and the helpful, flattering reviews and recommendations I have received from so many more. 

Work has become hectic these past few weeks, so I am forced to ask you all to wait for the release of Anna’s diary pages for a few days more. I appreciate your patience. In the meantime, you can all help me get to 40 and beyond by spreading the word about "The City Will Fall" to anyone you think would enjoy it as well!

In conclusion, I would like to be entirely awkward and to strain against my generally free-spirited nature to ask a question. To those followers who haven’t fallen in love with Anna’s story yet, I would like to know how I can win you over. Is there some bonus content you would like to see me create? Would more background on the story’s genesis and theme convince you? Perhaps character portraits? If anything leaps to mind, please let me know, and - within reason - I will do what I can to sweep your imagination off its feet, carry it off to a fairytale castle in the sky, and sing to it of face-chomping, spark-mouthed psychos and utter, terrible destruction. 

Sounds lovely, no? Talk again soon, 


Hello, all my wonderful, supportive readers. Sorry for the late update, but better late than never! Chapter Two is posted as promised, with minutes to spare. As per usual, you can expect Chapter Three next weekend, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds!

I won’t keep you long:

- A reminder that at 30 pre-orders (only 3 to go!), pages from Anna’s diary will be released

- At 40 pre-orders, I will release a playlist of Anna’s favorite songs

- At 50 pre-orders, I will release Aleixo Quintana’s favorite jams! Sure to be slightly pretentious!

I also wanted to take a quick moment and mention another project on Inkshares that I truly believe deserves more love. Antimony Noon (who has an amazing name, by the way) is the author of Spectrum, a beautifully written book about magic, but magic realized in a unique and intriguing way. Her magic is the sort that one can almost feel underneath what we see everyday - I find it reminiscent of Neil Gaiman. Anyways, please swing by and treat yourself!

Ah, but now it is Monday, and my update is officially seconds late. Thank you again for your incredible support, please keep spreading the word about "The City Will Fall", and I hope Chapter Two gives you all your fix for another week!

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Sorry for the deluge of emails/notifications, but I wanted to make sure you got this as soon as possible in thanks for your support! Anna started painting to help her feel some sense of traction and accomplishment in her life, but after what happened at her support group, everything began to change. Even the view out her window seemed different, and what had been a familiar, safe city began to be filled with strange shadows...


We’re at 27 preorders now, people! Chapter Two goes up tomorrow night! Keep spreading the word, tell the world - the more pre-orders are sold, the more secrets will be revealed about the protagonists!

I tried to find a meme or gif to communicate my joy, but that’s just not me, so let me do this the old-fashioned way... 


I am so excited! My thanks to everyone who has spread the word and come from far and wide - and those close to home - to support me and my work! 

The painting will be going up later today - I want to have a good quality picture of it for all of you lovely people. 

If you are following and haven’t ordered, now is the time! We’re picking up speed and we should keep the momentum going! ONE OF US!! 

Talk again tomorrow when Chapter 2 goes up, unless we hit 30 preorders before then! Because we can! I BELIEVE! THIS IS BORDERING ON CAPS LOCK ABUSE! 

Thanks again and forever, 

Kim Whale

Hello, lovelies. While I scheme and plan and write, I would like to provide you with both a reward for being so supportive and amazing as well as an incentive to encourage spreading the word about The City Will Fall. 

Don’t worry, weekly chapters are still to be delivered. In addition to that, I will be releasing bonus content every 10 subscribers. At 20 subscribers, I will release one of Anna’s paintings that she made to feel some sense of accomplishment. At 30 subscribers, I will release a few pages of her diary scrawled during the weeks leading up to the destruction of the City. And so on and so on. 

My hope is that the additional content will give you all a more thorough glimpse into the minds of the several protagonists of the story. If there are any specific incentives you would like to see, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 

Thank you all as ever (in particular to A.C. Weston for giving me the idea), 

Kim Whale

Everyone who follows me must be a wonderful human being, because no sooner did I say thank you this morning than I received another two orders with promises of more! 


It may seem insignificant, but I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to share another chapter this weekend with all of you! I promise I will continue to do everything I can to get this published and justify all of your support and kindness! Keep spreading the word and I’m sure we’ll make it to our goal! YAY! 

And now I will return to my usual cynicism. For now... 

Thanks to everyone for a strong weekend! We have a lot more support now. Keep it up! And if you would like me to support your project in return, just let me know - I’d be happy to oblige! 

Hey,all you lovely people. The next chapter of The City Will Fall is going up shortly. 

I have also made a few more tweaks to the first chapter - most importantly, it will now be the prologue. The story of Anna and Cassandra was originally intended to be spread across a trilogy, but it occurs to me that planning a trilogy for my first publishing attempt is not logistically wise. So I will be collapsing the three volumes into one. This will make for a more exciting, fast-paced read, and since it has been planned in such detail it won’t be hard to rewrite.

I will still be posting a new chapter each week for the length of my fundraising period.

Please help me spread the word about this project. Tell everyone you know. Buy preorders. I haven’t been this excited about something in a very long time, and I think we can really make this happen! I hope you love the new chapter, and I look forward to your feedback and continuing support!

Hello, party people! Thanks as always for your support!

Chapter One has been slightly updated per the feedback I have received so far - all of it with great appreciation! Chapter Two will be ready by tomorrow.

If you like what you read, please recommend and share far and wide across the webs! This is how we will make this happen!

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