Kim Whale's latest update for The City Will Fall

Aug 29, 2016

Happy Monday to you all! I’d like to start as always with a warm, heart-felt, marshmallow-scented thank you to my lovely followers and readers. (And this is why one should not begin with flowery kindness - the only way to express greater and greater gratitude is to verge on the ridiculous).

I would like also to issue a quick apology - due to a mad workload last week and a wonderful excursion to the mountains this weekend to bond with my father, I am very late on delivering content! Rest assured, this will be my chiefest focus for the next 24-48 hours (except, of course, for puppy and day-job related concerns). Chapter Three is growing and morphing with each edit and reevaluation, and I am putting finishing touches on the 30-reader reward that was promised! I have also considered your responses to my earlier plee for feedback and am working on creating new and intriguing future content as well... 

I expect and hope that my next transmission into the ether will be to announce both the next chapter and the bonus content having been posted, and I intend that it should not be very long until this is declared!

In the meantime, I must ask you all for a favour. Please spread the word about the City Will Fall here on Inkshares and abroad in the world. If you use Facebook, please check out the book’s Page - like and share it amongst your vast networks. I will be primarily using the Facebook page to host future content relating to the book as I go, so as not to deluge this site overmuch. 

(Side note: Isn’t it grand to use pretentious, overly decorative language every now and again? It’s super awesome fun times.)

Thanks again, and you will hear from me soon!

Kim Whale