Kim Whale's latest update for The City Will Fall

Aug 21, 2016

Hello, all my wonderful, supportive readers. Sorry for the late update, but better late than never! Chapter Two is posted as promised, with minutes to spare. As per usual, you can expect Chapter Three next weekend, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds!

I won’t keep you long:

- A reminder that at 30 pre-orders (only 3 to go!), pages from Anna’s diary will be released

- At 40 pre-orders, I will release a playlist of Anna’s favorite songs

- At 50 pre-orders, I will release Aleixo Quintana’s favorite jams! Sure to be slightly pretentious!

I also wanted to take a quick moment and mention another project on Inkshares that I truly believe deserves more love. Antimony Noon (who has an amazing name, by the way) is the author of Spectrum, a beautifully written book about magic, but magic realized in a unique and intriguing way. Her magic is the sort that one can almost feel underneath what we see everyday - I find it reminiscent of Neil Gaiman. Anyways, please swing by and treat yourself!

Ah, but now it is Monday, and my update is officially seconds late. Thank you again for your incredible support, please keep spreading the word about "The City Will Fall", and I hope Chapter Two gives you all your fix for another week!

Much love, lovelies,