A. White
I too wants to know what happened to Anna. To go from unknown to wanted there must be one wild ride. Clash with the Immortals, author.
Moe Lesser
A.C. Weston
An interesting premise... I really want to see where this one goes!
Mark A. Mix
A delightful start!  Well written with an interesting concept that I think will resonate with a lot of people.  I  will be interested to find out exactly how Cassandra fits into Anna's life.  Will it be a case of disaster born from the best of intentions or does Cassandra have a more insidious purpose, as my cynicism tends to predict.  In any case, I look forward to the next chapter!  
Elizabeth Bollmann
Kim Whale does an amazing job engaging the reader right from the start.  Anna's anger about being a Blank is palpable but whether the anger is directed at herself or society is an unknown.  Whale is able to transition smoothly between scenes without disrupting the reader.  Her ability to create dialogue between characters that don't know each other feels natural instead of awkward.  If the rest of the book is as engaging as the posted material, Kim Whale has created a book that needs to be published.
Jason Payne
Smooth read that develops before your eyes. First chapter leaves you wondering who will be the true destroyer in the end. I'm ready to read more.
Martin Spilke
Riveting and eloquent. Kim Whale mixes fantasy and mystery to great effect, producing an intriguing story that is difficult to put down. Whale's world is painted in rich detail ranging from beautiful to shocking. Intense to heartening. The City Will Fall is sure to surprise and entertain; a well-written story for those craving originality and depth.
Ferd Crôtte
Wow! What a strong introduction of protagonist Anna and a most interesting premise! I'm ordering now!
Dom L
Sammy Bee
Wow - this is a really, REALLY exciting start, Anna is a complex, well-written character and she inhabits a world that feels as deeply conflicted as she is. I am so excited to read more. Plus the title is great!