Chris Robinson
Fantasy at it's best. If you read the first chapter I promise you will want to order this awesome book. 
Thomas J. Arnold, author of Exile, Magus
With a riveting action sequence for an opener, The Children of the Forest quickly draws you into a world of airships and legends of wolf-riders.  In the first four chapters currently up you get an enticing glimpse into what is obviously fully developed world and its varying cultures, as well as those who people it.  The writing style engrosses you in both the characters and the world, so much so that I'm impatient to read the full book.
Dave Barrett - Author of It's All Fun and Games
Well written and exciting.  The opening of this novel grabbed me and held me tight, anxious to find out what happened next.  Does the king keep the loyalty of his men?  Does he even survive?  What about the peace treaty?  This is going to be a great story.
Having read only the prologue, I already feel as though I've been reading this story for a long time now.  So much depth and feeling, true character development, and still enough action to keep it moving.  Really amazing so far and very much looking forward to the rest.  
Jordan Shisler
An excellent read! The descriptions are well done, without being overdone. You can walk away from the book understanding who these character are through the amazing detail put into them. Despite not yet knowing this world, the reader is still brought in and left wanting more. The way in which Byron tells the narrative you feel a sense of familiarity, in this wholly unfamiliar world. And despite the fact that we may not know everything about this world yet, it serves to increase interest instead of deterring it.  I look forward to reading more!
I'm hooked already!!!
D. Winninger
I really enjoy this. You're great at immersing the reader into the world and the situation. I look forward to reading more as you post more. The writing is eloquent and reminds me very much of a medieval setting while being futuristic in the sense there are airships and what not. Its not something I have read before, but I would really be interested in reading more of. Keep writing!
Yicheng Liu

what happens when you combine a brilliantly interesting premise with good cover art, elegant prose, and tireless world building? Why, you get this book!
This book tells the story of a young warrior princess that is NOT trapped in a tower and are most certainly NOT going to be rescued by a dashing prince coming out nowhere. This is an story that challenges the fantasy tropes and keeps the readers engaged. I would highly recommend this book as an addition to one's bookshelf.