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Andres lives a life plagued by depression and anxiety. Just as he is about to give up hope one cold autumn night, he meets a charismatic stranger named Roman.

Andres follows Roman and his friends to an underground party in Queens. Soon it becomes clear that something is amiss—but by the time Andres notices the strange creatures lurking in the shadows, it is too late.

Kidnapped by Roman and his crew, Andres finds himself in The Mist, a supernatural world where darkness and deceit prevail. There he is enslaved and forced to work the fields, every day undergoing a new and brutal torture. Now his only chance of survival is to face his own suffering and confront the demons within and around him. Can he convince his fellow slaves to fight against their paralyzing complacency? Will he make it home, or will he too succumb?

The Catcher’s Trap is Born

I wrote this paragraph standing at the end of a road that led nowhere:

"It is hard to explain how depression feels. Some people say that a black hole grows in the middle of their chest and starts devouring everything that is good and worthwhile in their lives until there is nothing left but sorrow. For me, it felt more like being possessed by a tortured spirit. There was no incremental sadness rising from my feet to my head. It was just an instant internal devastation that took over in just one big explosion. "

Years later I thought: what if the guy who wrote this paragraph was kidnapped and had to find strength to fight for his life and the freedom of those he loves. That is the premise of The Catcher’s Trap.

But this is not a sad book. This is a tale of resilience and discovery. Andres is all of us, staring at tsunami and knowing in our hearts, that against all odds we will survive.

Of course there are also giants, sorcerers, seers and magic potions; it wouldn’t be awesome fantasy without those elements.

About The Author

I was born in Tocopilla, a small fishing and mining town in the north of Chile.

My passion for creating worlds started when I was around 5 and realized my tiny town in the middle of the Atacama Desert lacked the excitement my young mind craved.

The sun in that corner of the world chases you like a rabid dog, and I would ride away from it on my bike while imagining worlds full of adventures and dangerous monsters.

Later on, I turned my love for writing into a profession and became a political journalist.

In 2001 I decided to emigrate to the United States, looking for adventure and a less hostile environment for LGBT people.

After 15 years of writing columns for local newspapers, starting and closing blogs and sharing my thoughts on social media, I embarked on the dangerous quest of writing a novel.