Ricardo Henriquez's latest update for The Catcher’s Trap

Jul 18, 2018

Hello Friends,

I have not reached out to you via Inkshares in a while. These days, I send updates through my monthly newsletter, but since I noticed a flurry of new followers I thought it was a good time to send you a quick message. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter sign up here. It is a monthly thing, no spamming at all.

A lot has happened in the past months. I finished and delivered to Inkshares the manuscript for my second novel Bad Medicine, I teamed up with a group friends to create an audio drama called Mermaids of Merrow’s Cove, and I also finished the sequel for The Catcher’s Trap, Worlds Walker.

I still don’t know how Worlds Walker will be published, though. I learned the hard way that it is hard to run a crowdfunding campaign when the people who supported you with a previous campaign have not received the book they were promised yet –in this case Bad Medicine- so Worlds Walker will be on stand by for now.

I’m in no rush, thought. After publishing The Catcher’s Trap I learned that patience is a virtue an author must have. Few books become instant best sellers, few authors get movie deals after one or two novels. The process of building a career in literature is long but, so far, incredibly rewarding.

A project that I think you should check out is my audio drama. Mermaids of Merrow’s Cove is a weekly murder mystery. Think Law and Order SVU meets The X-Files. The series take place in a small coastal town in New England and it follows Emma Kersey’s investigation of a mysterious woman that may or may not be a mermaid. The six episodes are out and I recommend you binge on them. Visit my website for the many ways in which you can listen to it www.ricardophenriquez.com

I fell in love with audio drama. What started as a quick fun project to work on while I waiting for Bad Medicine to go into production, became a real passion. The team I worked with is eager to start working on a second season, so I’m getting ready to start writing a new script.

What can I say, my creative life is moving in many new and exciting directions and that feels great.

If you are a recent follower, check my projects on Inkshares. I’m always eager to hear feedback and comments from readers and authors.

The Catcher’s Trap

Worlds Walker

Bad Medicine

Continue enjoying your summer my friends.


Your friendly neighborhood queer author