Alicia Smock, Chicago Books Examiner
Ricardo Henriquez’s impressive use of description and storytelling weaves a most captivating introduction of macabre and beauty in his new series. Readers should clear their schedules the day they open The Catcher’s Trap. As soon as they finish chapter one... there is no stopping until the final page has been reached. Alicia Smock, Chicago Books Examiner
—Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi, Senior Editor for Horror News Network
With his debut novel, “The Catchers Trap,” Ricardo Henriquez sucks the reader into a vortex of suspense, sarcasm and stunning detail that is both captivating and thrilling. The novel is engaging to both horror and non-horror fans, with a read that is more than meets the eye.
Way Out Williams
The Catcher's Trap is a unique achievement in the fantastique genre. Although the fantasy aspects of the novel are darkly imaginative and strikingly creative, it is the elements of realism (the characters, the dialogue, the dramatic tension) that make the novel a life-affirming triumph, a gaze into the abyss that enlivens rather than defeats. Bravo!!
Unbelievably well written, especially for a first draft. I was sucked in within the first paragraph and now yearning for more to read! Great job, look forward to seeing where The Catcher's Trap goes!
My eyes couldn't read it fast enough! The writing is so descriptive and compelling, The hero, Andres, is relatable. He's the flawed everyman whose perceived weakness may just turn into his greatest strength. I can't wait to read the rest of The Catcher's Trap. Excellent read!
Yorgo Douramacos

I really enjoy your writing style. You definitely build character and environment together. For instance this passage:
I tried to warm my hands in my pocket. I wore a thin blue sweater even though Al Roker said it was “a particularly chilly fall day!”But it was my “good sweater,” and I didn’t want to cover it with a jacket; what was the point of putting on my only expensive piece of clothing if I had to hide it under a bulky bunch of polyester I bought at JCPenny?So much personality revealed, combined with sensory detail. Very well written.

Brian Fitzpatrick
Cool concept, looking forward to reading this one!
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Interesting premise