The Burned was inspired by an art project I did of Clint Eastwood. The Burned was based around what I see as a good Western, a good Western deserves plenty of characters that are unique along with a fair amount of lawlessness and occasional (but messy) violence.

The Burned is an extremely unique western adventure where I made sure to use the main advantage books have over other forms of media, which is looking into a characters thought process. While doing research for the burned I watched a few western movies and wanted to make it read like a movie. You will experience eight separate characters point of view that transfer as a movie would scene to scene.

Feel free to ask any questions about The Burned or any of the other stories I am working on.

This book contains: Graphic violence, offensive language, and some mature themes. (I wanted to add this incase anyone is touchy about certain subjects. I don’t want to trick anyone into buying something they won’t enjoy.)