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Hi! I’m Julian. I got into fantasy at 10, when my aunt and mother piled twenty million books and series on top of me, including The Dark is Rising, His Dark Materials, The Earthsea Cycle, and, last but foremost, The Colour of Magic (a Discworld novel).

Terry Pratchett’s unique take on fantasy (where the whole world is crazy) first inspired me to become a writer and greatly shaped my style. The Britches of War is my take on a mad world where the protagonist becomes the eyes and ears of the reader as they delve into a silly, action-packed series of misadventures.

What the book’s about:

An Earth reader might consider this story to take place in a time that is roughly equivalent to our own High Middle Ages. You might also say that the Kingdom of Buryhamptonshire is *roughly* analogous to a non-island U.K. The narrative follows a squire named Buxtehude J. Perdurable ("Bux") as he attempts to survive the trials of love, war, and being a teenager. I’ll leave you decide which is worst.
Also, it should be mentioned that the knight he serves is a homicidal maniac (and war hero) named Vive. Can Bux survive the slander and assassination attempts of his nemesis Miftin Strykes-Hume? The love-triangle centered on him? The chores set out for him by his sadist Master Vive? The embarrassment of generally being fourteen? To say nothing of the professional army of foreign invaders who sieged the town of Lomendiam (with Bux and all his friends inside).

"They want us to wear our big boy britches. They expect us to grow into the pair we’re given, but without becoming too big for our britches. And we struggle to make it all fit, every day, pulling our legs through, trying to stand, and the bloomin’ waistline just gets looser. Only boys, we have to kill men like men, but we’re not given a man’s respect. Enemy screaming ahead, masters behind. These britches are just too big to fill. Not a one of us can fill them. You can’t fill the britches of war; they’ll never fit."

100 Days, 3 near-death experiences, 1 broken nose, 1.3 shattered ribs, 1 hoof-kicked face, 17 billion hormones out of whack. The life and times of a teenager in love and war.

tBoW began life in a workshop setting, and I still welcome constructive criticism, no matter the source. Thank you!

Speaking of, here is what one of the very earliest readers has to say:

"Hello all my fantasy and sci-fi lovers...I know you’re out there! This is the perfect book for you! Julian’s works never ceased to amaze me and took my whole entire family on magical journeys to the land of castles and knights. If you love Terry Pratchett then you need to add this to your bookshelf!"

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