Julian001 j.r. traas · Author · added almost 5 years ago
Uploaded a new chapter! That makes #3. Don't worry, I have another 300 pages being edited, so there will be more before the pre-order window closes. Feel free to drop comments, give critiques, etc. I'm always excited to get feedback.

Thanks for your support, and thanks to those who have pre-ordered the book! This has been a great learning experience, and gave me an excuse to make a tumblr (wordofmypeople.tumblr.com), and boot up my Twitter account again (@wordofmypeople).

Still going strong, finishing the first draft. I'm going to finish this thing, and be proud of the accomplishment, whether I make it to my 1,000 pre-order goal or not.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Thanks for the support thus far! Much appreciated. I won't be mad if you share the page with anyone (or everyone) you know, also... Just posted a video, updated the "About" section. I'll be adding a new chapter in a few days. In the meantime, this draft is nearly done. Just needs a last push or two. Thank you all again!