After an accident two years ago, Calvin Perowne has been locked in a coma without showing any sign of recovery. Luckily, Dr. Daniel Vincent has nearly perfected a device that will reconnect Calvin’s conscious brain with the unconscious. In order to bring Calvin back to reality, the procedure must gradually rebuild Calvin’s mind by reinforcing the connections he has made throughout his life. However, unlike Dr. Vincent’s previous patients, Calvin’s most persistent experience isn’t swimming or writing poetry, it’s playing video games!

When Calvin discovers a magical sword that breaks the seal between the human and the Ethereal realm, his visit to the annual spring festival takes a turn for the worse. He is swept up on a journey across worlds to gather fragments of the Gods’ power, restore the seal, and thwart the evil machinations of the Ethereals. However, the worlds aren’t exactly as they seem. They are constructed from his video game memories, which aren’t entirely reliable, and he is the main character. Spanning his twenty years of video game experiences, Calvin will need to recognize the cities, characters, and items that he will encounter if he wants to save the world and himself.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vincent encounters complications when Calvin starts to fill in the gaps of his memory with his imagination. The restoration process is no longer entirely within Dr. Vincent’s control. As a result, each of Calvin’s successes could lead him closer to recovery, but each failure could result in his eternal slumber.



I’m a gamer who has played nearly every console from the NES to the PS4. I just recently graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience with a focus in philosophy. I intend to do research on morality, consciousness and the nature of belief. While I have been writing science fiction for a while now, I only recently decided to put my work out there.

Some of the recent science fiction books I have read (and enjoyed) are: Cash Crash Jubilee, Spin, the Ancillary Trilogy, Blindsight and the Worldbreaker Saga’s first two entries. I play mainly RPG’s and many of my favorites will be featured in this story. Currently playing FFXIV, Transistor and some Overwatch.