Alan Campbell, bestselling author of the Deepgate codex series
Richly imagined, written with great pace and fluency, and bursting with ideas. Craig Munro is a gifted storyteller.
Rick Heinz, author of The Seventh Age
Many fantasy tropes were slain and harmed in the making of this book. Munro dismembers the Hero's Journey and reanimates it in the true fashion of a mad wizard.
Sara García Hernández
I'd barely read the first couple of chapters that I was already hooked. The characters are unexpected and compelling, a nice breath of fresh air after so many stereotypical sexy-and-witty warrior/princess, etcetera. The  Bones of the Past universe is full of surprises and opportunities, with magic, demons and mighty warriors coming together to add mistery and adventures to this epic novel. I cannot wait to see how this all ends!
Janna Grace
The Bones of the Past drew me in so quickly I couldn't believe it. The reader is immediately thrown into a beautifully crafted world that is complete in its characters, details, history and magic. Fantasy meets character study and throws some Boondock Saints morality in with the binding of a ten year old girl with a demon...and that's not to mention the gladiator games OK a whole new level. Read this as long as you realize you won't be able to put it down!!
Shawn Davy
In just two chapters, The Bones of the Past shows the promise of a sweeping and expansive setting, but with characters that resonate on a personal level. Look forward to the rest of the book and the rest of the series to follow.
Michael Valdez
An intriguing and beguiling fantasy universe, The Bones of the Past starts with a strong prologue and continues with page-turning-level world description and realistic, enjoyable conversations. The action is also wonderfully executed and exciting. I can't help but be very interested in what else this fantasy world will offer when even the preview is chock full of delightful details.
Ben Thomas
Truly unique, vivid worlds are rare beasts in fantasy - but that's exactly what Craig A. Munro conjures within the first few chapters of this book. While it's a bit more medieval than urban fantasy, I still couldn't help thinking of China Miéville as I read of the desert of the Wastes, the magic dual in the arena, and the invading army of the Crows. I'm eager to find out more about this deep, complex universe.
Stephen Carignan
This is a thrilling start to an epic journey and the characters introduced are both engaging and omnious. The story wastes no time in pulling the reader in. The Bones of the Past is definitely going to be a fulfilling read!
John Robin
A good old epic fantasy in the spirit of Steven Erikson
Margo Munro
A mage with a gift for carving flesh; a young girl and a demon united in one body brewing up magic the world has never seen; a sailor who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or is it the other way round? His life changes in the blink of an eye; and finally the wife of a runesmith who knows her home is on the brink. Craig Munro has created some very cool and compelling characters who are respectively witty, intelligent, funny or ruthless. Don't take my word for it - have a read for yourself!