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For 65 million years, the Badlands of Montana have held a secret hidden in their depths—a creature worshipped by some, held in awe by many, and despised by a secret few. Revealing its existence would irrevocably change the way humans view their connection with history and religion, blurring the lines between fact and mythology.

The Pirates of Montana follows Molly Wilder, a 15-year-old aspiring paleontologist who travels to Montana to learn the intricacies of finding, unearthing, and preparing dinosaur specimens. But when she discovers what appears to be a winged, flesh-eating monster, she and her team must ask an extraordinary question: could dragons have been real? And if so, what else?

As the team brings advanced science to the task of determining whether dragons could be more than just the bygone myths of ancient civilizations, insidious forces soon emerge to oppose them. The team realizes that they may have uncovered not just a fantastical creature, but an ancient conspiracy to hide the true fossil record and the truth behind humankind’s connection to its own mythology.



Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Erin S. Evan, and I’m a former paleontologist (with emphasis in geology) who adores all things Sci-fi and Fantasy. The Pirates of Montana has been a dream of mine to write, especially since I’ve had children and wanted them to see that once, long ago, I was cool. It’s a combination of my true story and my love of the extraordinary.

While it’s cool to say now, it was very improper and downright weird when I was younger to admit that the book and movie Jurassic Park was what influenced me to leave my home at age 15 to dig dinosaurs. And I did, for many enjoyable summers. I became independent on dinosaur digs, I like to think. It was my summer camp. Even though life has directed me down other paths, I’ve never lost my love for all things "terrible lizard," as well as for its cousin and important partner, sedimentary geology.

I guess I’m an armchair paleontologist now, but I’m using that predicament to finally write what I’ve been wanting to for a very long time. And Geek and Sundry’s contest kicked me into overdrive. I was lucky as a kid, as my parents learned early on that sending me out to live with a bunch of strange graduate students and professors was the best lesson in self-reliance a kid could have. Today, STEM is the a current hot topic educators and politicians like use to encourage youth to pursue their dreams. For me, growing up in the 1990s, it was a normal Tuesday. I got lucky. I know that others don’t know how to pursue their science goals. I dream that one day my book will encourage a lonely girl or boy that following one’s dream is possible, and if they like dinosaurs, natural history, or just the thrill of exploration, here is one way to do it.


Erin S. Evan