Best Self Atlanta Magazine
[An] honest, reflective memoir.
Psychology Today
Chris Cole and I have something in common. We both have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychosis. Then I read his book. Raw, unflinching and insightful; that's how I describe it.
Let’s Face It Radio
Life Coach and author of The Body of Chris, stops into Let’s Face It Radio to share his journey from mental illness to mental wellness & triumph.
Kirkus Reviews
Addiction, disordered eating, and manic depression are each, by themselves, tremendous hurdles, and the mere fact that Cole has weathered all three makes his account remarkable... A unique, compelling narrative.
Finding Our Hunger Podcast
I read [The Body of Chris] and saw so many parallels to my own life... whether you have a male voice or a female voice or anywhere in between, we're all going through the same thing when we're facing this demon.
Full Contact Enlightenment
Exceptionally powerful... a brave memoir.
International Bipolar Foundation
Is Mania a Spiritual Experience? The Body of Chris author, Chris Cole, writes for International Bipolar Foundation.
Library Journal
Cole tells his story with self-effacing humor and compassion… Cole’s simple honesty could be massively helpful for those struggling with mental illness, body issues, or almost anything.
Expanded Consciousness
Am I Crazy or Enlightened? Chris Cole, author of The Body of Chris, writes for Expanded Consciousness.
Expanded Consciousness
“How Pediatricians are Body Shaming Our Kids” — Chris Cole, author The Body of Chris, writes for Expanded Consciousness.