Thank you for reading the first chapter of the first book an in epic series.  Age of AEris will run three books (for now) with a definite ending to this arc.  There may be books in the future for different time periods or something else, but this story will definitely have an ending with book 3. 

My name is Joe Ryan and I love to write.  I have been working on this story for awhile now and I always feel like I am there when I spend time in my head with these characters.  I want readers to feel the same way about them.  I want you to go on this journey with them. 

The idea for Age of AEris came one day when I wanted to write an epic tale like the ones I grew up on.  Sure there’s the obvious Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but also The Dark Tower series by King, Star Wars, and so much more.  I love a rag tag group of characters, and I always loved westerns, sci fi, fantasy and I thought to myself, what if you can mix these worlds.  It took a long time but I finally feel like I figured it out.  Gun toting centaurs that resemble North America in the 1800s.  Sword bearing elf knights that have similarities to Medieval England.  A kingdom of dwarves that resemble Vikings, and those aren’t it.  Within each race there is differences, especially within regions.  There are Native Sierrans which are centaurs that resemble Native Americans.  There are Highland Dwarves in a part of Holmgard, and Wood Dwarves in another.  The elves vary also.  There are the knights of course, and then there are the Wood Elf Rangers who live in the woods, and the Monk Elves that keep to themselves for the most part.  The variation doen’t stop there.  There are humans that appear for the first time in a very long time.  There are bat like humanoid creatures who are vampires called Mandze, and also werewolf creatures called Wolfkin.

What will all of these people do when they share this world together?  Where have the humans been?  What do the humans want?  What will war mean to this world, and who will join what side?  Only reading this and the other books can answer these questions.

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