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When the great world of Oz is taken over by a new queen from a foreign land, Dorothy Gale is summoned in hopes that she would save Oz once again.

Unfortunately, Dorothy soon discovers that she is no match for this vicious intruder. Forced to uncover the truth, Dorothy has to travel through worlds to find the one the new queen fears. Only then, will Oz stand a chance at defeating this immortal enemy.

Genre: Fantasy for all ages

What are the new twists?

The worlds have been tweaked to an east meets west concept.
The characters have been given special weapons.
And, popular figures in relation to history make an appearance.

How will your support make a difference?

A lot of writers will tell you that your support will make a difference in their lives after years of hard work and perseverance. But I want to tell you the opposite. Your support will make a difference in your life.

Is this some crazy plot twist? Yes and no. I want to be a writer that gives back to my readers. I write for myself but I also write to share. My goal is to write books that will leave an impact in my readers’ lives. So how would your support make a difference in your life? I hope it gives me a boost to a level where my words will stay with you forever. On top of that, you will also be on this journey with me as I take a step closer to achieving my dream!

I guess I can call this an investment. Would you invest in me?

Who am I?

My first step into the publishing industry was in 2011, when I self-published my first novel in paperback. I did a crowd-funding project on Indiegogo but failed to reach my goal. However, that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream and I went ahead by funding myself. I found a designer, applied for an ISBN number, met with a printer, and approached bookstores. Having such an experience, I know how hard it is to actually get your book out there. (Honestly, that novel didn’t do so well either, but it’s something I’m not afraid to admit.)

After my first novel, I decided to continue self-publishing my works electronically. I started a blog (jeynagrace.wordpress.com) and used it as a platform to practice my craft. Since 2011, I’ve churned out a number of materials, though none have ever been printed. 

Self Published Works:
– The Dreamer, Novel, December 2011
– Dream World: The Lost Child, Novelette, September 2012
– The Lucrative Business, Short Story Collection, November 2012 
– Dr. Slubgob’s Letters, Blog Series, April 2013 
– Magnum Opus, Picture Storybook, September 2013
– Raindrops, Novella, March 2014

Published on Inkshares:
- The Battle for Oz, September 2015
– The Slave Prince, Coming Soon