A Brief Synopsis:

Jack is a normal guy stuck in a dead end job. Except that now he’s on the run from two supernatural assassins. And his best friend is an ancient entity. Oh, and his girlfriend just broke up with him too.

He’s going to need some serious luck to make it through the worst Tuesday in the history of his life.

Follow him on his journey as he discovers a raging war between the forces of the universe, a secret weapon that could change everything and how exactly he got dragged into this mess.

There is no Order in the Chaos.

The Guy Writing it:

Born in a log cabin in Northern Virginia...

But you don’t want to hear about that...right?

Since I could read books have always been a large part of my life. I’ve always had (and probably always will have) my nose in a book telling the story of some grandiose adventure. Then I discovered that I could write down all the stories I’ve had in my head. And I started doing that.

Strangely enough, the first iteration of Jack (the main character) was a complete ripoff of Indiana Jones. And that’s how I discovered plagiarism at the young age of seven. Since then I have given up on my crazy dream of writing a novel, gotten the spark back, lost it and so on and so forth. I’ve outlined several different stories I thought I should write, but without any sort of passion. And now I’m here. Writing the story I’ve always wanted to write with all of the passion it deserves. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

Meanwhile, I work a job in IT, do standup and co host a podcast. I live with my incredible fiancé and our terrible cat in central Pennsylvania.

The Story:

I’ve always been interested in fantastical ideas. Flying pirate ships, wise wizards with incredible power, retiring at the age of 55. All of them utterly unbelievable. The story explores the worlds both right underneath our noses, as well as places found only in the furthest realm of the imagination.

I started conceiving the story, like many fantasy authors do, while doing some world building for a role playing game that may or may not involve both dungeons and dragons. Once I realized that the story I wanted to tell was much larger than a tabletop could contain, I decided I would write it as book. That was many years and many changes ago. I think that now it is finally ready.

I sincerely hope you like it.