Ivy exits the door and finds herself standing at a bus stop. She rolls her eyes with a sigh as the bus arrives and she climbs on and sets herself in the front seat. She’s been worried about Jasper and Petra since she got pushed through the door. She leans against the window and dozes off.

“Trying to escape?” Damon says with a smirk on his face as he approaches her. She backs away from him hoping to find the door but realizes that neither Petra nor Jasper are there with her.

“What do you want?” She asks. He laughs and grabs her arm. Her eyes widen and she tries to pull away but he just drags her closer. His face is an inch from hers. “No. Get away from me!” She yells. He laughs again and glances around.

“There’s no one here to help you, princess.” He whispers as he closes the distance and places his lips against hers.

She shoots up in her seat with a gasp and looks around to see that the bus is stopping.

“This is your stop, kid.” The bus driver tells her. She smiles at him as she leaves the bus and her mouth falls open in disbelief as she looks up at yet another wrought iron gate.

“Seriously?” She asks as she looks around for the sign that reads ‘Correctional School’, what she finds is not that in fact the sign isn’t even faded. It rests at the top of the gate and reads ‘Deveron Academy’. “Huh?” She comments with a shrug of her shoulders as she moves toward the pedestrian gate. The minute she walks through the gate the atmosphere changes, she looks back only to see that the gate and wall have disappeared. She quickly turns around and walks down the one sidewalk that leads to the campus. The buildings are all brick and the lawn is nicely maintained with a few little flower gardens here and there. She walks through the first few buildings and then finds herself in a field with a little patio on one side with tables and chairs set up on it and on the other side, endless woods. She drops her bag in frustration, there’s no one around the campus. She’s about to scream but someone speaks up.

“Do you need help?” A male voice asks. She turns around with wide, tear filled eyes. She takes in this boy’s appearance, he’s not as beautiful as Jasper and Damon but he’s still pretty close.

“Yes.” She answers quietly. The boy smiles and walks forward.

“Well, it looks like you need to find an administrator first. I can take you there, it’s a bit of a walk and if I just told you where it was you would probably get lost.” He says as he walks past her. “Oh,” he says turning around with his hand outstretched, “my name is Sam.” Ivy smiles and shakes his hand.

“I’m Ivy.” She tells him. He nods before once again turning to lead the way. She watches his back closely and takes in every detail from his shaggy brown hair with red highlights to the tight black clothes he is wearing. She’s so lost in thought that she doesn’t hear him talking to her.

“Ivy?” Sam stops walking and turns around. He waves his hand in her face causing her to shake her head and bring her attention back. “Were you listening?” He asks. She laughs and scratches the back of her head. She looks around and realizes that they are now deep in the woods.

“Why are we in the woods?” She asks frightened. Sam’s eyes widen as he realizes that she’s getting the wrong idea.

“The administration office is back here, I promise. I told you that it was a long walk.” He explains. Ivy takes some deep breaths and calms herself but tenses again as she feels eyes on her back. The sound of crow cawing causes her to spin around quickly and survey the surroundings. She bends down to the ground and picks up a stick. She spots it and throws the stick at it.

“You shouldn’t stalk people.” She grumbles out as the crow caws again and cocks its head to the side. It had flown closer to dodge the stick and Ivy could clearly see the red eyes now. “Don’t play dumb with me, Damon!” She yells. The crow finally flies down and shifts into a smirking Damon. Sam gasps from behind Ivy and Ivy glares hard at Damon.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asks. She relaxes her defensive stance and drops her eyes to the forest floor.

“What happened to Jasper and Petra?” She asks quietly knowing the answer is not one she will want to hear.

“Nothing. It was a trap.” He growls out. Ivy looks up with wide eyes and a huge smile on her face. His usual smirk drops as his eyes land on Sam and his eyes flash red. “What is your rank?” He demands.

“I don’t know. I was only born with the demon blood.” Sam answers honestly. Damon nods and the smirk returns to his face.

“Okay, well, I’m going to give you a chance to earn a rank. Would you like that?” He asks. Sam nods eagerly and awaits his orders. “Your job is to protect this girl no matter what. Can you do that?” Damon asks more serious this time. Sam looks at Ivy confused but doesn’t ask questions.

“Yes, sir.” He replies. Damon smiles and grabs Ivy’s arm.

“Now, we need to go talk to the teachers.” He says as he begins dragging Ivy deeper into the woods. Ivy struggles against his hold but he just grabs her hand tighter. the struggle continues until they stop at a clearing with one giant tree sitting in the middle.

“wha...what is this?” Ivy asks in shock. both Sam and Damon laugh before walking around the back of the tree. The trunk is very thick and around the back they find a staircase that leads up to the inside of the tree. Ivy’s mouth stays hanging open the whole time climbing the stairs and drops even more once they walk into the actual room at the top. It’s an auditorium with all of the desks and chairs cut out of the wood from the tree. Everything is sanded and polished to make smooth surfaces. The front of the room has ceiling to floor windows and a podium where the teacher speaks. Damon makes his way over to another smaller staircase and then turns to Ivy.

“Let’s go. You need to talk to these teachers so that we can get you registered.” He huffs. Ivy pouts at him for ruining her moment and then quickly follows him up the stairs. He knocks on the door and the sound of a crash along with a few expletives is heard before about a minute later the door opens to reveal a beautiful woman. She is wearing a white flowing dress, her brown hair rolls in waves over her shoulders and down her back, and her green eyes are glaring hard at Damon because he had obviously just interrupted something.

“what do you want?” she asks the disgust thick in her voice. Damon just smiles and pushes Ivy forward. The woman lets her face soften for a moment as she looks over the girl and then she glares again. “Who is this?” she asks.

“I thought Kathryn told you she was coming.” Damon says. she stops for a moment before turning to look at Ivy again.

“she doesn’t look much like a princess. she doesn’t even look like she has any kind of power,” she sniffs the air around Ivy, “she even smells weak. What are we supposed to do with her?” the woman asks. Damon sighs.

“Can you at least let us into your office? I really do need to talk to you, well not you but I need to talk to Thomas about something. Also, you don’t need to be so nasty to me, the treaty has been signed and we are at peace for one more month to give this one time to grow into her new abilities.” He explains. The woman huffs and opens the door all the way to reveal a small office. There are two desks and the room is literally split in half, one side is shrouded in darkness, everything black and grey with some red, the other is all earthy colors with a dreamcatcher hanging on the wall. There’s a man seated at the black desk with a glare on his face. He has long brown hair that just barely hits his shoulders and his ears are pointed a bit. Damon smirks and makes his way over to the man but stops immediately when the man’s eyes flash red. They start a stare down trying to prove that one is more dominant than the other. an awkward silence falls over the room as Sam, Ivy and the woman watch Damon and the man have their stare down until the woman has had enough of their games. She clears her throat quickly and both of the men snap their heads toward her.

“speak quickly and then get out. We don’t need you to ruin our peace here.” She grumbles in annoyance before turning to Ivy with a smile. “what is your name, sweetheart?” she asks. Ivy smiles back.

“My name is Ivy.” she replies kindly. the woman nods and gives Ivy one more once over.

“I’ll let you stay at this school but you have to show me that you really are a threat to yourself and others and I’ll help you or, he will.” she finishes pointing her thumb toward the man that is having a private conversation with Damon. “Thomas does all of the training here, I handle admissions and all of the normal classes. Sit down here and I’ll get you the paperwork.” She tells Ivy. Ivy takes a seat at the front of the woman’s desk as she goes through a drawer of papers. She pulls out two and sets them in front of Ivy and hands her a pen. Ivy takes the pen and looks down at the papers, the first few questions are easy, name, age, birth date, the usual. Then, the unusual questions, Ivy scratches her head in thought.

“Place of origin? Powers? I don’t understand.” She says looking up at the woman.

“Well, where did you come from? Or where did your parents come from because obviously you’re from Earth.” The woman replies as if the answer to the question was obvious.

“My parents are from Earth. Where else would they be from?” Ivy looks at the woman strangely. The woman’s eyes widen at the girl.

“Oh yeah. We haven’t quite gotten that far with her yet. She still believes she’s a human. I’ll fill those questions out for her,” Damon says not turning away from the dark side of the room, “but please bring the papers over here because I think if I look at your side of the room I might puke.” He groans. The woman picks up the papers and walks to the other side of the room and slams the papers down on the desk in front of Damon. “Ah. Thanks Bethany, you’re a real sweetheart.” He smirks while touching her hand and giving the man a sideways glance. The sound of a smack fills the otherwise silent room and Ivy gasps as Damon’s head snaps to the side.

“Do not touch me.” The woman growls at Damon. The man behind the desk stands up and hugs the woman from behind and she takes a few deep breaths.

“It seems that you did not give us all of the information before sending this girl here.” He says quickly changing the subject. The woman glares at Damon still firmly held in the other man’s arms.

“Yeah, sorry Thomas. I guess they were just in a hurry to get her away and I was so close to having her.” He trails off looking frustrated. Bethany gasps and then bursts into fits of laughter causing Damon to stare at her with wide eyes. He looks up to see a smirk spread across Thomas’s face too. “What are you guys laughing about?” He grumbles. Thomas releases Bethany from his hold and she doubles over with laughter.

“Surely you don’t think that you will become the King if you bring his daughter back safely?” Bethany asks once she sobers. Damon stares at Bethany in shock.

“That’s exactly what I plan to do. Is there a problem with that?” He asks now upset at Bethany. Bethany raises an eyebrow while looking between Damon and Ivy. She shakes her head with a smile.

“It wouldn’t work anyway. You two don’t suit each other. And I don’t think she will choose your team. She’s seen enough from the time that she actually lived in the palace and then all of the years of watching her sister fight to keep her alive. Of course I can’t tell everything because she was and still is mentally unstable so who knows. But don’t get ahead of yourself,” Bethany tells him and the she sighs and puts her hand on her hip, “look at me giving advice to the other team. This is the only time, so make sure to remember it. You’re still young and you still have a lot of things you want to do don’t blow it on something that’s going to be hit or miss, like marrying into the royal family.” She finishes. Thomas smirks and wraps her back in his arms.

“I wish I had gotten that sort of advice before I pursued you.” He comments. Bethany laughs and pats his arm. “Maybe a warning that all angels have a ‘holier than thou’ mindset no matter who they meet, and that it is almost impossible to catch their attention for anything.” He says. Bethany playfully slaps at his arm while they both laugh.

“I am holier than thou. But you did prove yourself worthy of my attention.” Bethany says as she runs her hand slowly up Thomas’s arm and to his face. She turns her face up and before they can kiss Damon clears his throat.

“You guys are gross. Can I have a pen to fill out the rest of these papers? Then the three of us will get out of here and you guys can do whatever it is that you do.” Damon trails off. Thomas moves away from Bethany to pull out a pen and hand it to Damon. Bethany moves over to Ivy almost floating. She smiles at her.

“I hope you enjoy your time here at our school. I hope you don’t mind that you will have a roommate here.” She looks at Ivy waiting for her answer.

“I don’t mind having a roommate. I would like to have some friends again.” Ivy tells her. Bethany nods and looks through a library style card holder. She finds a room key and hands it to Ivy.

“Why don’t you take this and go ahead to the dorms. Sam will show you the way. We will give you a schedule of classes later on this week.” Bethany smiles at her and pushes Ivy and Sam out of the office. It takes a minute for either of them to speak.

“I don’t even know what to think of anything that just happened.” Sam speaks up first. Ivy shakes her head in response.

“Me neither.” She answers as they make their way back through the woods.

“Do you have any idea what they were talking about?” Sam asks. Ivy frowns and shakes her head.

“No idea. I mean my parents are human, so doesn’t that mean that I’m human?” She asks stopping to look at Sam. He looks at her and then looks away thoughtfully.

“Not necessarily. For royals it is easier to just take over a human body and lay dormant in the back of the human’s mind for a while. I think in your case the demon came in before you were actually born and she’s just now starting to awaken.” He explains. Ivy stares at him for a moment.

“Were you born a demon?” She asks him.

“Yes.” He replies. She nods with a dejected look on her face.

“Is there anyone else that’s dealt with the shock of realizing that you’re not who you think you are?” She asks herself. Sam walks into her line of vision with a smile on his face.

“You’ll be fine and I’m sure you will make plenty of friends.” He says holding his hand out to her. She looks confused for a moment before taking his hand and allowing him to lead her through the rest of the wooded area and all the way to the dorm building. He turns to her with a smile. “Well, this is where I leave you. I’ll see you tomorrow, Ivy.” He bows and then walks away. She watches him walk away before walking into the building. This could be an interesting time.