Mike Mongo's latest update for The Astronaut Instruction Manual

Dec 17, 2018

It’s official: The Astronaut Instruction Manual is Amazon Best Seller 

As of today, The Astronaut Instruction Manual is an Amazon Best Seller. That’s Top-100 Children’s Books: Science: Astronomy & Space for all age groups. This is the big list. Here’s a screen shot:

Amazon Best Seller! Gosh! So today if you are receiving this message from me it’s because you have been with me all the way here. If you have enjoyed the ride and The Astronaut Instruction Manual, there is one thing and one thing only I am asking of you to keep the momentum going.

If you enjoyed it all, write and post a book review on Amazon for The Astronaut Instruction Manual.

Writing and posting a simple review is how you and I will get The Astronaut Instruction Manual into more hands of more kids who are readers. And that’s all I really want, for kids who love reading (and love Space) to read the book I wrote for them because I was them. Here’s the link.

Four years ago (!) we started this journey together. Today, we have an Amazon Best Seller. In my opinion the best is yet to come. And if you can write an Amazon review it will guarantee it.

Thank you, my friends, family, and supporters…

Oh my Google! What a day!