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After hitting the market last week, author Mike Mongo’s eBook sensation THE ASTRONAUT INSTRUCTION MANUAL has quickly found its way into the hands of top producers and is already generating stellar offers.
Lori Garver, former NASA Deputy Administrator and General Manager, Air Line Pilots Association
An astronaut must be focused and prepared, but also dynamic and creative. The Astronaut Instruction Manual is a fantastic and vibrant preparatory guide for today's youth – whether their futures are off in space or right here at home on Earth.
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An exciting new book, to be published this week, encourages students to think creatively when deciding to be astronauts.
The Astronaut Instruction Manuals: Practical Skills for Future Space Explorers by Mike Mongo is a wonderful introduction for children who hope to perhaps, one day, study and explore space.
We discover the solutions to every challenge we face on earth today–energy, health, sustainability, inclusion, equality, even prosperity–by solving for the challenges of space.
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'Astronaut Instruction Manual' Introduces Kids to Space.
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One of the things we need to do to prioritize as a nation is to right these wrongs, and space has the opportunity to do that, and when I say space is for everyone, kids get that,” Mongo says. “By pursuing space, we solve for every challenge on Earth today. Energy, health, inclusion, sustainability, even prosperity. This is my pitch.”
Wow! Signal Podcast via Stitcher Radio
In this short Wow! Signal Burst, Mike Mongo, Astronaut Teacher, tells us about his forthcoming book, which has just completed successful crowdfunding. The Astronaut Instruction Manual for Preteens.
When it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to become an astronaut and then I realized why I had not become an astronaut, I wanted to make sure that other people, as they’re growing up, didn’t suffer that same consequence. And the great thing is that, right now, this moment we are in historically, is a terrific time to encourage students to pursue careers in space and astronautics.”
Professional space educator and self-described ‘astronaut teacher’ Mike Mongo is on a mission: to get your kids to space.