The Andromeda Code came to me in a vivid dream sequence actually. The night before during a pretty cool game event some friends and I were in a deep discussion over Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a huge topic of debate these days. What are if any the moral ramifications of an AI that becomes self aware? Well with movies like the Terminator , The Matrix and iRobot its easy to assume that robots will turn against us if we get in their way.

But what would happen of they began to feel real emotion? Having a deep conversation on that had my mind racing all night. I came home and quickly jotted down some ideas and went to bed. During my sleep it came to me. A vision of Andromeda. Alone in a could world reality. A child with feelings she has no idea understanding.

I awoke and knew immediately what I had to do. The great Stephen Hawking was recently quoted as saying "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet." I personally have always wondered what would happen if a sentient robot were to have feelings.

What would happen? Well this is my journey down this long dark road. But I wont be going alone. You see, You’re invited. I hope you all enjoy!