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The Amaranth Chronicles - The Idea

"The Helix was created to revolutionize the way we communicate, connect, and share. It brought the entire galaxy to our doorstep. It gave us the ability to collaborate with a single thought, but even the purest of intentions can spawn terrible evil. After a surveillance culture has used the Helix to take control over the galaxy, it’s up to an eclectic group of misfits from disparate corners of the cosmos to rediscover the forbidden concepts of life, love and liberty.”

The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising, a compelling sci-fi novel written by Alexander Barnes & Christopher Preiman tells the story of a colony and its people fighting for its freedom from a mandatory type of technology designed by a corrupt government to surreptitiously take control of the human mind.

About the Authors - Alexander Barnes

My first love has always been Science-Fiction. Big surprise, right? Bet you didn’t see that one coming. There’s only a handful of Software Engineers in the world that love Star Trek and Star Wars. Sarcasm aside, me and Chris have slowly been assembling the world of “The Amaranth Chronicles” for the better part of the last decade. I’ve been working as a User Experience and Interface Designer in San Francisco California for the last ten years. I’ve seen the way technological innovations have changed the way we live our lives and with Artificial Intelligence just around the corner, I wanted to tell a story not of the emergence of this Earth changing technology but rather a story of when its so ubiquitous it is as if its totally invisible. What would the world be like if there was an invisible omniscient computer algorithm trying to slowly lead the human race in some unknown direction? How would it prune our society to meet its goals and who would be responsible for its decisions?

About the Authors - Christopher Preiman

I’ve been a lover of Science fiction ever since I was a little kid, and a lover of books ever since I realized it was the best way to get more Star Trek between episodes. I grew up in San Jose California And have been attempting to be an author since I was fifteen. In the meantime, I’ve been a chef, a massage therapist, a semi professional game master (I got payed for it once, it counts.) and for a very short time a film critic on Twitter, (until I got bored). I became involved in this project quite some time ago when Alex came to me looking for some help figuring out the villains for his story and just sort of stayed on because the mix of space opera and Saturday morning cartoon felt like a good fit for me.


“The Amaranth” (1st Edition)

Chris and I started writing what is known as “The Amaranth” about six years ago and decided to Publish it through a subsidiary of Author Solutions. It was a long battle but we got our manuscript out there and in paperback form. The feedback we got was phenomenal (I lived through the 90’s I can still say that.) Our Goodreads and Amazon.com page was filled with 4 and 5 star reviews. People absolutely loved our story and our character and seemed to be thirsting for a sequel. As we sat down and finished several different drafts for a series, we found that our original manuscript just hadn’t lived up to the potential it could have. We loved the story but hated how amateur the writing was. How could we possibly launch a successful sequel that sounded like it was written by a couple of guys in their early 20’s? That’s when we decided to sit down and rewrite the entire book from the ground up in hopes of giving the already fantastic story a writing style that would be worthy of a series of sequels.

If you are a returning fan of the original you’ll be pleased to know that this is the launch pad for that sequel you’ve been bugging us about for the last three years. If you are a new reader we hope you enjoy diving into the world we have created for the very first time.

In a nutshell this story is Firefly (TV show) meets Deus Ex (Video Game) in a book.

Original Goodreads page: www.goodreads.com/book/show/17558794-the-amaranth