Caitlin K-W
Have only read the first chapter but I already can't wait for the rest of the book and series!
Holly Haynes
FANTASTIC! I highly reccomend this to book anyone who will give it the chance. This book is even better than some of the other book I have on my book self!
Neblina Girl
Stephen Carignan
One of the strongest Young Adult works I've read in some time, The Altered Adventure: Secrets of the Cyclone promises to be an excellent work. The hardest part of the YA genre is to have a story with such weight, while writing to a level most would underestimate. Since has weight without compromising story, I would highly recommend it.
Kenny Pham
Best book ever
Billy O’Keefe
Really impressed with the world being built within and around this book. Check out the links too!
Reader Writer
RHow much those it coust:) ?
Reader Writer
its amazing!
Reader Writer
This book is so interesting and filled with creativity thats the definition of a wonderfulbook to me.
This book looks like it'll be the best thing I've ever read! I really recommend it