The Agora Files was written out of the concept of producing an action-packed adventure novel for young adults that really doesn’t stop. The main character starts out as a rather unlikeable brash figure who believes he can’t be beat, to then open up to show that he’s actually quite a bit softer and not as self-serving as he would have everyone think.

I took a lot of the culture of the distance runners and incorporated it into the concept of this book. Looked at the extents of human capabilities to see how far I could truly get my main character to be pushed before he would finally be broken.

Ever step of the way I wanted to keep this character running forward, pushing toward his end goal, just like a distance runner fights against the constant call to stop from his/her body.

Loosely inspired by Star Wars’ Han Solo, Cyrus, the main protagonist, *runs* the line between despicable and lovable.  By the end, I think you’ll be smitten.