The Agoge follows three friends as they are entering their first year of high school:

Danny Dekker is the leader of the gang mainly because that’s how it’s always been since they were kids.

Brad Barrett is a brash fun loving smart ass who pushes his friends to have a good time with life and take some chances.

And Mick McPherson is the brains of this operation. He’s usually found with his head in a book and a ready admonition when things are likely to get out of hand.

While trying out for the school hockey team, chasing girls, and dealing with school bullies, Brad and Mick begin to exhibit strange new abilities. As the events roll out Danny comes to find out that the Earth is being used as a training ground, for new weapons, by two alien races bent on preparing for a prophesied war and those weapons are Brad and Mick.


The Agoge is my homage to comic book superheroes, ska, and those young adult books that have a tendency to suck in a fifty year old as well as it does a thirteen year old.

It started off with a dream I had, an actual dream not the euphemistic kind, about an organic robot. I promptly wrote down a quick synopsis of what had happened in the dream and then promptly lost it. I pieced together what I remembered and spun it into this. It was probably a good thing too, because the robot killed everybody my dream.

I’ve finished writing The Agoge and am currently working on the outline for the next book in the series. There will likely be anywhere from 4-7 books in the series but, even though I know where it will end, the road there keeps fluctuating.

However, if you help make this book a success on Inkshares, you’ll be the first to know.