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Helping people to discover their purpose, realize their dreams, long-abandoned goals, and live happier, more fulfilled lives has long been a passion of mine, so life coaching was always a natural path for me, although not always a particularly clear one.

This book started out as a simple how-to guide for discovering life purpose, but as I spent countless nights typing away on my balcony complete with a glass of cabernet and a cigar, it quickly became so much more. Over many nights channeling my inner Hemingway, Theroux and even Tony Robbins, "The Adventure of Purpose" became one of my proudest and most personal achievements. This book grew into a personal memoir of adventure and travel, my vulnerable and raw story of how I overcame depression, broke the rules, got unstuck in life and discovered my own life purpose. I call this book my love letter for the dreamers, the lost boys and girls, for the seekers of freedom, the explorers of life and the pilgrims of purpose.

As a life coach, I have personally worked with a variety of people one on one. So many of the people I work with want to feel alive and truly live a life rather than survive one. I help the people I work with do this by guiding them to discover their life’s purpose and building a strategy to make that life purpose a reality. This is the foundation for a beautiful life and it is my honor to share that experience and understanding in this book.

Growing up, I’ve always had an absolute lust for an extraordinary life and all it had to offer. A new day was always looked at as a gift and, even as a young boy, I relished them. Today, I still have that young boy mindset of exploration and excitement for living life to the fullest, and that spirit has taken me far in life, always on the lookout for my next great adventure of my life, this book being it.

Cheers to stepping into your own Adventure of Purpose.

Onward and Upward,