Even though I never thought I would go into outer space, here I go! As in all my stories, I guarantee you I will take you through an amazing, action-packed, funny and witty adventure.

The inspiration for "The 9th Planet" is based in real science and things happening in our universe and solar system. The fiction will be provided by the voices in my head. The end result will be an entertaining book, which will take you through an amazing but yet plausible adventure.

I hope this chapter intrigues your intellect and you will choose to continue this journey through the recess of space and my mind.

Gracias for your support!

About the Book:

The problem with living a really long time is that sometimes you outlive your star.  Facing imminent doom from its star, a civilization is forced into extreme measures.  Using the plasma from their ever expanding star, they encapsulate the planet in the Red Layer.  Protected but imprisoned by the Red Layer, the planet survives the stars super nova explosion. 

The planet and its people launched by the explosion, wonder through space until they finally latch on onto another star and its system.  The planet hangs in a fine balance as it dances a dangerous dance between gravity and momentum, every orbit around their new star possibly being their last.  Desperate to find a new home, scouts are sent out in search of new planets and home.

Alonso and his fellow scouts are part of the last expedition before the planet is launched back out into outer space.  As they fly through the system, they not only discover several planets but web of deception and lies that they must now face.  They are thrown into the middle of a secret war being waged by their own kind. 

In this heroic and tragic tale Alonso must choose sides in an attempt to end a 100,000 year old war, save his fellow scouts and hopefully to save everyone left back on his home planet.  All while deciding the fate of a whole alien civilization.

About Me :)

I am the author of “Prime Infinity” http://www.amazon.com/Prime-Infinity-Ricky-Dragoni-ebook/dp/B0176SU2ZQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455862158&sr=8-1&keywords=ricky+dragoni . I am originally from Puerto Rico but have spent half of my life in the United States. My true passions are writing and cooking. My favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. From an early age I started writing poetry and short stories. My books are born out of the nightmares of my mind and melded with my life experiences. I would describe my books as reality sprinkled with a good magical dose of faerie dust. I hope my books can be entertaining but will also make the reader think.

Ricky Dragoni
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