It’s been a while since I sent an update. Partly because I’m still getting used to navigating the new Inkshares layout. Aside from that, I’ve been working hard on Thanatos and it will be up for pre-order soon. The first draft is finally complete and I’m on my way to having a finished novel!

You might remember the mock Thanatos covers I made a while back as promotional material. Well, I revisited those, edited them - and here they are! There’s an edited version of the original and a brand new, minimalistic one too.  These are just for fun - the cover from Inkshares will most likely take a completely different approach - but these give some good insight into the aesthetic of Thanatos. Now I’m back to writing!

Pre-orders have been pushed back a few months. I really want to have a substantial amount written - that is, most of the book - before I sell pre-orders so I know I can offer you guys a full, unrushed finished novel. Have no fear though, as I plan to get a lot done during and after the Christmas period!

46781 467667821421 580231421 6931308 4481307 n Kareem Miskel · Author · added almost 4 years ago
I admit I am intrigued. You do an excellent job of blending style and substance. Not only am I looking forward to getting to know Garrett and those around him, but you’ve got me very curious about this world you’ve built. 

  It’s been a while! November is Nanowrimo so I’ve been working hard getting Thanatos further toward completion. It’s tough going but here’s hoping everyone taking part has fun and succeeds in their 50k goal!  

Another bout of illness caused me to disappear for a while.  I’m finally putting pen to paper again, and Thanatos is back on track~

I had to disappear for a while thanks to chronic illness, but I’m back writing and updating as planned. Making good progress with Thanatos!

Been a while since an update, but it’s looking like the first draft will be done ahead of schedule! Maybe preorders will be up sooner than expected~

Img 20160310 183906 Ken Lindsey · Author · added over 4 years ago
I think you have a great start to something that will turn out to be a great read, and I can’t wait to see what you do with all the possibilities given in the characters of the "Others".  The excerpts you’ve shared have already left me wanting more.  Keep working and keep us updated!

25k words down, almost half way! A new character is about to be introduces in act 2, should I post a preview of her? (And no, I haven’t forgotten about those other previews I promised.)