Has kind of a Hero's vibe to it. Always fun to see how two different versions of humanity deal with each other and the moral dilemma's each will face.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
I like this concept. Check it out
Jacqui Castle
Captivating first chapter. The author does an excellent job providing the reader with tastes of the world, as well as what makes this character unique, without giving it all away! I will definitely be preordering Tanatos as soon as it is up.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
I'm am loving this!This story has a fantastic First Chapter Hook, and flows nicely!
This story was recommended to me by a few followers, so I read all of the excerpts available!I'm so glad they did!Great work!I can definitely see THIS flying off of store bookshelves sometime SOON!!!Love this concept, just as they do!
Best Wishes!
I'll be pre-ordering in a day, or so.Regards,Shar
J.M. VerHelst
Not only do I want to read this, but I want to see it in a graphic novel too!
Stephen Carignan
With a mysterious display of powers, Thanatos immediately draws the reader in while simultaneously setting the scene for a fast-paced adventure. Wardrope uses several techniques to do this, from the narrator's POV to the naming of the entities known only as 'Others.' This looks to be a very promising addition to the genre.
Dann Matias
Very interesting concept! Check this one out
Alisa King
From the first sentence I was immediately grabbed and found myself itching to read more. Great story! Check this out :)
Thanatos hooks you right from the start and each excerpt is a terrible tease. I love the suspense.
Evan Graham
I'm not typically a big fan of first-person present-tense narrative style, but it's put to skillful use here. The narrative has a smooth and natural flow to it, and I enjoy how quickly yet naturally it jumps straight into the action. Hop to see more!