Greetings, shiny happy people!

We’re off to the races! The developmental edit for Terminus has been a hell of an experience. I know I’ve already gushed about how much I’ve learned, how much the team at Inkshares has helped guide this story’s growth to make it something tight and tense and new. We’ve done beat sheets, character profiles, analysis of theme, and a meaty detailed outline. And now... IT’S TIME. I’ve gotten the green light on rewrites!

Laptop? Check.

Notes? Check.

Quiet spot to brood on mortality? Oh, hell yes!

I’ll be keeping you posted as I dig into the meaty bits. I’ll also be sharing some of the pre-work to (hopefully) get you excited about the new direction. The first two character profiles for our leading ladies are up on my website and the rest of the team will be coming soon. 



I’ll also be sharing the first draft of the prologue. It’s short, one of five such interludes that will be spaced throughout the main action of the story. We will see the early days of the Terminus, but the story is framed as being in the past, recounted by a spirit speaking through the Terminus itself. Their identity is intended to remain a mystery, revealed gradually through their analysis of the events that first allowed the living to speak to the dead.

More to come! And soon! But, for now... back to the writing!

Thanks again for all the love and support, y’all! Without you, none of this would be possible!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Happy Friday, boys and ghouls!

It’s fitting that I should be getting back on the promotional horse for Terminus at the spookiest time of year. Cold has finally come and I’m tucked away on a mountain with my laptop, reading about death and trying to spin an optimistic and entertaining story out of the premise of speaking to those who have passed on. Good times.

If you’ve missed the other updates, the story has really come together in editorial and my editor, Matt Harry, and I have fleshed out an origin story that gives the initial discovery of this technology its full weight. There’s also a cost to the technology that was only alluded to in the first manuscript, something that will add even more stakes to the question of the Terminus’s personal, political, and religious implications. I can’t wait to share the details, but let’s start at the top!

There’s a new summary up on the website. You can also check it out below:

Exploring universal spiritual questions through the lens of scientific breakthrough, Terminus follows a research team whose experiments with unexplored energy spectrums inadvertently uncover a window to the beyond. It’s a breakthrough that cost the project head his life, drawing his estranged daughter into the mystery of his death. She joins his team at their remote desert facility – the lab in which her father died – to hear his first messages from the other side. As they race to validate and refine the signal, the team is faced with the suddenly literal ghosts of their past, exploring the emotional, ethical, and societal implications of developing such a technology. They also uncover a flaw in the system that causes the contacted spirits to disintegrate, casualties of mankind’s search for life after death. When her father’s old partner attempts to take control of the project and bring it public, Charlotte must decide whether to destroy the Terminus or allow it to be unleashed on the world.

I’ve also posted the first of the character profiles over on my website, starting with the protagonist, Charlotte Rai. Profiles for the rest of the team will be added in the coming weeks.


Things are picking up! I am nested, inspired, and ready to rewrite! Stay up-to-date with the late night agony and self-doubt (all part of the process) over on Twitter.


As always, I appreciate every single one of you who has supported the book and gotten me to this point! If you haven’t preordered yet, the party is back on! Spread the word!

Hope all of you have a great weekend! Things may seem scary, but I firmly believe that there is something greater out there connecting us. Plus, ’tis the season to get spooky. Peace, y’all!


Greetings, Patient Readers!

I’ve gone and done it. Packed all my worldly belongs, piled all three dogs into the car, and made the six day cross-country drive from Virginia to Oregon. Moving and settling in have been a bit of a whirlwind, but I finally feel settled enough for the real work to begin in earnest.

During this whole blur, I’ve been in contact with my editor, Matt Harry, and we’ve put together a version of the book that is better than I could have imagined. We’ve gone through treatments and character profiles and outlines, and stripped the story down to its thematic essence. As someone who tends to meander after pretty butterflies while writing, this developmental edit was a chance to buckle down and put in the work. I’m not a scientist of any sort, but I’m enough of a nerd to be stoked just having books about quantum mechanics around the house.

That’s the core of it, walking the line between fringe science and the next horizon, building a system that both alludes to historical belief and leaves room for interpretation. No pressure, right?

The story that I had told in my initial manuscript was more of a second or third entry in what I hope to be a series of novels. First, we needed an origin story. If this is a story about a miraculous breakthrough, let us be there to witness it. How did it happen? What was the cost? Who decided to commercialize the technology and make it available to the public? Was there disagreement amongst those who made the discovery? Oh, you bet there was.

Rather than vague allusions to a creator who died to bring the machine online, we get to see his story unfold, witnessing first contact with the dead through the eyes of his estranged daughter. And that’s what this is for me – a story of family. It’s a story of fathers and daughters, of past and present, of legacy and identity. It’s a story of the strangers that we’re drawn to, of the unexplained resonance that we feel in the presence of others.

We’re hammering out the last few details and then I’ll have more news – new teasers, character profiles, and samples. I still can’t believe that I actually ran off to the woods to write. Hah! I’ll bite the bullet and be the madwoman on the mountain, ranting about the afterlife - so you don’t have to!

If you’d like to read more about the cross-country adventure, I’ve been writing it up in my blog. I’m also working on pulling together my portfolio, so I’ll also be posting new shorts and samples over on my website. (jayemilius.com, since my html doesn’t seem to be working.)

Hope things are good with you, lovely reader, and thanks again for your patience. Cheers!


Greetings, y’all!

Just a quick update to let you know that things are moving behind the scenes on Terminus. After some great conversations with the Inkshares staff, a lot of reading about craft, and digging in on story beats and character profiles, I’ve turned in my treatment for the rewrite. Without getting too deep into any spoilery details, we’re focusing in on the origin of the technology that allows the living to communicate with the dead. In the initial manuscript, the Terminus was already up and running, but the new take will follow the team that created it and the interpersonal drama as they come face-to-face with the literal ghosts of their past. I’ve been able to explore many of the same themes and questions, only within the microcosm of a smaller group of individuals, which makes it feel like a much more personal (and hopefully relatable) story.

My editor, the wonderful Matt Harry, has been sending me feedback that has my brain all a’tingle. We’re currently focusing in on the science and on ratcheting up the stakes. It really does feel like tuning an instrument. Too flat… tighten a bit more… just so. You can’t play until you have your foundation solidly in place.

This does mean that it’ll be a little longer before the book is in your hands. Those of you who’ve already preordered made enough noise to give me the opportunity – not just to put out a book -  but to do so with the help of the pros and get this story in a position to be even better than I could have dreamed. There’s a lot of work ahead and I can’t wait to be fully unleashed on the rewrites!

But first… adventure! I have an unique opportunity to relocate to the West Coast and continue my job remotely while focusing on editorial for Terminus. You all have given me this shot and I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got! The move has also been a long time coming. My mother and sister live on the West Coast, along with some of my best friends, and it’s been years since I’ve seen them. We’ll finally be able to do holidays together! Plus, gorgeous Oregon scenery, freedom from Cubicle World and the chance to chase my dreams! Holy crap.

If a week of cross-country driving with three confused dogs sounds like fun, I’ll be blogging the experience over on my website. Plus, that’s 55 hours to immerse myself in Cosmos and podcasts. Researching and power-driving! I do love to multi-task.

I just wanted to say thanks one more time before embarking on this crazy voyage. “To infinity and beyond!”



Hey there, folks!

Happy summer! ‘Tis the perfect season to curl up in a dark room and ponder our mortality, right? Heh. I suppose I’m just speaking for myself, there. Weird hobbies.

I don’t have anything new to report on Terminus, though we are still in the editorial mix. Inkshares is a relatively small publisher with limited resources, so I’m in the queue with a lot of other great projects. I’ve also been lucky enough to be placed in a workshop with other authors who have projects slated for release in 2018. It’s a very cool approach, with on-the-craft reading assignments, worksheets on characters and story beats, peer feedback – basically a crash course in fundamentals from the Inkshares pros. (Even in my 30s, I still LOVE homework!)

This process has already taken the manuscript that I had and expanded the foundation of the story, especially when it comes to the origin of the technology that allows the living to speak with the dead. There are so many directions that this story could take, so many implications to explore, that my challenge now is committing to a handful of central threads and creating a solid introduction to this world. With any luck, I’ll be able to keep on exploring the world of Terminus in successive stories and work my way through this constantly-growing list of potential characters and scenarios. Thank you for daring to journey down this rabbit hole with me!

In the interest of not wasting this chance and giving you the best possible version of this story, I’ve also decided to take a step back from my day job for a few months. In August, I’ll be moving from Virginia to Oregon. Not only will I finally get to live near my mother, sister, and BFFs, but – with my savings and a lot of frugality – I’ll be able to put off the job search for a bit and focus writing. It’s a terrifying thought, unplugging after eleven years in the corporate world, but you all have given me a shot at my dream and I refuse to give anything less than 800%!

So, yeah, exciting things on the horizon. Scary things and lots of hard work on the editing front, but I am READY. Let’s get dead!

Ahem. In, like, a life-affirming way. You know what I mean. For all the apparent darkness, this is ultimately a story about optimism and the value of life. I can’t wait to share the new, evolved version with you! In the meantime, you can follow along with the process on Twitter.

Thanks again for your support and patience! Have a lovely summer!



Greetings, lovely people!

As you may have noticed, the process of getting a book into your hands takes quite a while. Luckily, the folks at Inkshares don’t just want to churn them out, but to refine each story to its best possible version. I’ve felt a bit like an excitable racehorse rearing in the starting gate, eager to be unleashed on the rewrites. But, like I said, Inkshares does things right. They’re not just looking to develop stories, but to develop the authors behind them.

So… I have homework, a full-on reading list! (I couldn’t be more excited; I miss school.) I’m currently about halfway through the stack and loving every minute of it. So much to think about, new ideas percolating.


Inkshares has also put a group of us on-deck authors in contact with each other to discuss the readings, share our experiences with the process, and provide feedback on each other’s work. I’m looking forward to getting to know their work and (nervously) hoping they’ll have some thoughts on mine. As our editors put us through our paces, it’s comforting to know that others are right there with us!

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I feel so lucky to have found this community. Those of you who pushed Terminus to the 250 pre-orders required for publication will forever have my gratitude. I also count it a great stroke of luck that I was introduced to Inkshares right as they were blowing up (thanks, Nerdist!). Keep your eye on them, y’all. They’re making waves and selling movie/TV rights for some incredibly exciting projects. And as if all that luck wasn’t enough, they’re also such good people, pros who are willing to help develop first-timers like me. It’s enough to make my head spin… in an absolutely wonderful way!

So things are heating up. I’m reading like a fiend, feeling freshly inspired, and am ready to give you the best possible version of this story. Again, I appreciate your patience. It’s a process, but one that I’m eager to explore every bit of. Thanks again for making my dream of publication a reality!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Greetings and salutations on this most Monday of mornings! (here in the US)

Just a quick note to let you know about a new feature that Inkshares has rolled out. A lot of you threw your hard-earned cash behind Terminus with a pre-order and, for that, I’ll be eternally grateful. Ever since I joined Inkshares, my wallet has been feeling the strain of trying to support all the great projects out there - but now there’s a way to show love for free!

Enter Story Machine. It’s a streamlined way to browse project summaries and give a quick like to all the ones that interest you. The more likes, the more visible a project becomes - lifeblood to us authors who are looking to establish ourselves. It’s also fun to flip through on your phone in idle moments, and I’ve found plenty of intriguing projects that I might not have seen otherwise.

Highly recommend! And, hey, while you’re there, maybe give Terminus a like?


Hope all’s well in your corner of the world. Have a great week, y’all!


Greetings, lovely people!

Happy Friday (here in the U.S., at least)! I hope you’re settling in for some weekend relaxation. Might I offer you some light Terminus-related reading?

While we wait our turn in the publication queue, I’ve been getting myself together and working on a shiny, new writing website. I’ll be posting new Terminus content - additional perspectives, unused scenes, all the varied aspects of communicating with the dead that are just begging to be explored. First up, a look inside the high-end auction houses that sell meetings with the famous dead. Check it out at the link below.


Next up, a priest! How would proof of the afterlife affect the religious? And why do I so enjoy writing weird stuff like this??

I’ve also added samples of some of my other projects and look forward to continuing to share more wild and wacky words with you. Check it out, perhaps?


Hope you have a great weekend! Cheers, y’all!


Greetings, Party People!

Hello from Editorial Limbo! Exciting things are happening behind the scenes and I hope to have some news - and even new content - soon. Just the opportunity to go through this publishing process - getting feedback and help from the pros, researching all sorts of mind-bending science, and getting a glimpse of all the exciting places that this could go - is a dream come true. And that’s thanks to YOU.

A lot of work goes into making a manuscript into a real, published book. There’s a great post from the Inkshares blog with the details here. As soon as I have any news on the timeline, you will too. In the meantime, Inkshares is putting out plenty of great titles. I definitely encourage you to explore and check out the new, sleek site design.

So I’m still lurkin’, still workin’, still sending you my eternal gratitude. Hope all’s well in your neck of the woods. And, if not, please accept this heaping helping of positive vibes.



Greetings, Lovely People!

As 2016 winds to a close, it’s easy to look back at the year that was and shudder. From personal losses to the more macro feelings of "seriously, universe, what the hell?", the majority of us seem ready to forge ahead and not look back. But... well... I can’t feel entirely bad about it. To me, 2016 will always be the year that my first novel secured publication. And that’s THANKS TO YOU!

I really can’t say it enough. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered and everyone who spread the word! Thanks even to those who’ve just followed along! You’ve reassured me that I’m not a complete madwoman for building this mad, scifi world. (Really, I was doubting my sanity there for a bit... even if it was never all that solid. Heh.)

There’s work to be done in the year ahead on so many fronts, but I’m most excited by the work that’s going into Terminus. I can’t wait to share more behind-the-scenes updates with you, all the ways in which I want to build out this world and attack the idea of speaking with the dead from every conceivable angle. And, yeah, I’m looking forward to escaping back into a world where we can still communicate with those we’ve lost. It’s been that kind of a year, after all.

Terminus is still holding 6th place in The List 2016 contest. In order to crack the top 3, we’d need to get 73 more unique readers in the next 3 days. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up your copy, now would be an absolutely lovely time! Short of that holiday miracle, though, there’s still the prospect of being a judges’ pick. Currently crossing all of my various appendages for luck if anyone would like to join me.

No matter what 2016 has wrought, know that YOU helped make someone’s lifelong dream come true this year. I’m just a weird, little nobody with a weird, little book, but you all have done SO MUCH for me on so many levels. May you reap huge piles of good karma in 2017!

Much love to you and your families this holiday season! Happy New Year, everyone!


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