Jaye Milius's latest update for Terminus

Feb 24, 2018

Happy Saturday, y’all!

You may have noticed a few updates in your inbox today. I’ve been posting some new chapters of Terminus! Small changes were made to the Prologue and Chapter One ("meet the protagonist") is now live. Setting it back home in New Orleans really grounded the character for me and allowed me to pay homage to some of my favorite people/places/activities.

The other chapter that I’ve posted is Chapter Fourteen but, not to worry, it manages to be vague on spoilers while hinting at a subplot or two. It’s also into the philosophical meat of the thing, the fun part, where our isolated team of misfits realizes that they have a means of contacting the dead. I’m particularly enjoying writing the counterpoints of Veronica and Elias, the skeptical doctor and the religious physicist. 

Rewrites are currently spiraling toward the climax, putting these characters through all kinds of uncertainty and trauma. (A sign of affection for writers - really!) Time to get back to it.

Thanks again for all your support! More soon!