Jaye Milius's latest update for Terminus

Jul 5, 2017

Hey there, folks!

Happy summer! ‘Tis the perfect season to curl up in a dark room and ponder our mortality, right? Heh. I suppose I’m just speaking for myself, there. Weird hobbies.

I don’t have anything new to report on Terminus, though we are still in the editorial mix. Inkshares is a relatively small publisher with limited resources, so I’m in the queue with a lot of other great projects. I’ve also been lucky enough to be placed in a workshop with other authors who have projects slated for release in 2018. It’s a very cool approach, with on-the-craft reading assignments, worksheets on characters and story beats, peer feedback – basically a crash course in fundamentals from the Inkshares pros. (Even in my 30s, I still LOVE homework!)

This process has already taken the manuscript that I had and expanded the foundation of the story, especially when it comes to the origin of the technology that allows the living to speak with the dead. There are so many directions that this story could take, so many implications to explore, that my challenge now is committing to a handful of central threads and creating a solid introduction to this world. With any luck, I’ll be able to keep on exploring the world of Terminus in successive stories and work my way through this constantly-growing list of potential characters and scenarios. Thank you for daring to journey down this rabbit hole with me!

In the interest of not wasting this chance and giving you the best possible version of this story, I’ve also decided to take a step back from my day job for a few months. In August, I’ll be moving from Virginia to Oregon. Not only will I finally get to live near my mother, sister, and BFFs, but – with my savings and a lot of frugality – I’ll be able to put off the job search for a bit and focus writing. It’s a terrifying thought, unplugging after eleven years in the corporate world, but you all have given me a shot at my dream and I refuse to give anything less than 800%!

So, yeah, exciting things on the horizon. Scary things and lots of hard work on the editing front, but I am READY. Let’s get dead!

Ahem. In, like, a life-affirming way. You know what I mean. For all the apparent darkness, this is ultimately a story about optimism and the value of life. I can’t wait to share the new, evolved version with you! In the meantime, you can follow along with the process on Twitter.

Thanks again for your support and patience! Have a lovely summer!